Should I Add Videos to my Website?

March 31, 2016

As we continue into 2016 it’s clear that videos are certainly a hot topic of discussion. We have a lot of business owners wondering if they are valuable to add to their site, where we should place them and what benefits adding videos to their website might have.

Videos can add a lot of benefits to your website in a variety of ways, but business owners often wonder where they should get started. Creating videos for a website can certainly seem very overwhelming and may even be an added expense for your store. Although creating a video about your business is certainly a great way to tell your story, this isn’t the only option available to you if you’d like to add videos to your site. There are about 4 billion video views on YouTube each day, which means there are plenty (millions) of videos for you to search through to add to your site. These videos have already been created and can be embedded to your site to add value to your customers. Still wondering where to get started when searching? Try checking out some of the websites of the manufacturers that you carry in your store to see if they have a YouTube icon with their social media buttons. If so, this is certainly great content to add to your site.


You often hear people use the phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” and if that’s true, then a video is worth about 24,000 words a second. Let that sink in for a second. Of course adding photos to websites is very important, but videos take that even one step further. Businesses that include video on their site generally see higher visitor engagement and click-through rates.

Adding videos to your site also have an SEO benefit in a number of ways including increasing click through rates and lowering bounce rates. According to ComScore, users will stay on your site an average of two minutes longer if you have video. Google cares not only about quality content on your site, but also about content that engages.



You can add videos to your site in a variety of places. The most popular for us being the homepage, a videos page or including a video inside a product description. Adding videos to the homepage or videos page allows you to showcase generic or brand related videos all in one place. Including videos inside a product description gives you an opportunity to show instead of tell. According to Animoto Research, 73% of US adults are more likely to spend having watched an explainer video which makes including videos in your product catalog a no-brainer to help influence purchasing decisions.

Getting started adding videos to your site is easy! Contact your Marketing Specialist today!

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