Represent All Areas of your Store Online

April 29, 2016

Each month your Marketing Specialist talks to you about adding content to your site – and for good reason! Adding content is a great way to keep your website up-to-date and to improve rankings on search engines, like Google. You might think of adding monthly content to places like your special offers pages, product catalog and blogs – and those are great ways to add fresh content each month – keep it up! But it’s important to make sure that all areas of your business are represented on your site, including all of the departments in your store, even if it isn’t content that you’re updating monthly.

Representing all areas of your business online is important to help make sure your website shows up when customers are searching. This can be accomplished through departments pages, free for all of our responsive customers!

Departments pages allow you to give a high level overview of everything that’s going on in your store. Each department added will create a new page on your site which allows you to add content, manufacturer logos (with links to their sites) and list services that may be available within each.

Examples of Departments pages

gift paint


Departments pages vary from the product catalog in many ways, but can be a great companion to the product catalog on your site. We recommend focusing on adding the most important products to your business to your product catalog firs and then work backwards from there, but departments pages help to make sure all areas of your business have representation on your site even if you haven’t gotten around to adding those products yet.

Adding departments pages to your site is an easy way to represent all areas of your business online – and they are east to set up! If you’re on our responsive platform they are free to add to your website, just contact your Marketing Specialist today!


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