Use NAP To Help Local SEO

July 29, 2016

A struggle that local businesses continue to struggle with is local SEO. A business can invest a ton of money into tv advertising, print, radio, etc. but if a consumer goes to the web to search for your business and they can’t find you – is it really worth it? This is not to say that using other forms of paid advertising is not advantageous for your business, but you might want to spend some time investing in the basics first.

To help boost your local SEO, the basics can begin with doing a Google search for your business. You’ll probably see a variety of business directories appear on the search engine results page. The results here could make or break your local SEO success. It’s important to click through each of the results and see what the contact information is for each. If the name, address and phone number aren’t the same on each business directory, you’ll want to spend some time updating each to make sure all of the information is consistent. This can be as small as the difference between “S” or “South” in an address. Having consistent name, address and phone numbers (NAP) for your business is the best way to show search engines accurate information for them to drive results to one place when customers are searching for you. For example, if you have two business directories and both have a different business name, Google will not understand that these are both listings for the same business. It’s basically like you’re giving search engines the opportunity to create competition against your business.

Updating these results can take time, but it’s worth your time to do this. As always, give your Marketing Specialist a call! They can be a great resource to help work your way through this process.

Why It’s Important to Make Content Specific Pages

July 29, 2016

The beauty of a small-to-medium sized business is the unique products that you can offer all in one place. I’ve worked with dealers that sell jam, NFL jerseys, and gardening products all in one place – and their business, and web traffic, continued to grow each year. Making yourself unique inside of your business is great, but when it comes to marketing those departments online there is a specific approach we should take to ensure that search engines understand how to present searchable content to customers.

Back to the jam, NFL jersey, and gardening products example above – adding all of this content to your website is of course something that a business owner would want to do. As we’ve talked about previously, the first step to being found online is making sure that the content is on your website. But adding all of these different departments to the same page would be very confusing for search engines. A search engine wouldn’t understand the specific purpose of the page and would have a difficult time listing a page properly in a search result.  All three of these very different departments would appear on a results listing for a search that was done for “garden products.  If all three of these departments were on one page, you would probably just search okay, maybe page 2 or 3, for various search terms. If you break out the content and make a specific page for each of the departments you would have a much better chance of showing up at the top of search engine results for your area. Creating pages with specific content also makes the user experience better because it breaks up the content for customers. This way they don’t have to spend time reading all of your sites content at once.

Search engines are continuing to evolve all the time. Search engine results used to be based on the search query that you had typed in. Now they focus on providing content that you haven’t even searched for yet, but that you may be interested in based on your initial search. Search engines, like Google, are trying to be one step ahead for users and in order to do that they need to be able to understand the specific function of each page on your website. The content of a page on your website is what makes it worthy of a search result position, so you want to make the content as specific as possible.

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