Using a Website Pop-Up to Collect Email Addresses

October 31, 2016

By now we know that building your email list should be a top priority for any business. But it can quickly become a time consuming task to think of all the ways out there to do this.

There are a lot of effective ways to build your email list. In the past we’ve focused on using foot traffic in your store to help build your list. This is still a tactic that is proven to work, but we also know that if employees/customers are writing down email addresses there are bound to be a few that you just can’t read. So in addition to using the foot traffic in your store, let’s also put your web traffic to good use! Chances are your website has an email sign up embedded on the site, but that may be being missed by consumers who are visiting your site and may overlook the widget. The best way to make sure you have their attention is through an website pop-up!

Before we continue this conversation, it’s important that you put aside your feelings about pop-ups. Sure, we’ve all found them annoying in the past. But the reason so many businesses continue to use them is because they are effective and they work.

Pop-ups have come a long way since they were first introduced to the market. Now, you can completely style the look of your pop-up. This means you can do a few things:

1. Match the style to your business

2. Explain the benefits of signing up
Exclusive offers, event info, etc.

3. Offer an incentive for signing up
For MailChimp paid accounts, you can set up an autoresponder to create this. Contact your Marketing Specialist for more details!

Email pop-ups create a ton of visibility for your email list that you really can’t replicate anywhere else and they simply can’t be ignored. Pop-ups create a distraction free opportunity to welcome a visitor to your site and encourage them to sign up for your email list by telling them what they would miss out on by not signing up. New technology does help with them from becoming overwhelming though, many times once a user clicks out of the pop-up they won’t see it again for 6-12 months.

Capture more emails today!

If you’re interested in adding a website pop-up to your site contact your Marketing Specialist today!


Mobile Brought Email Back to Life

August 25, 2016

It’s not a secret that over the past few years a majority of conversations have been directed towards social media. Email has taken a back seat in a big way, but as mobile use continues to increase so has conversations around email marketing. Reading email has been a top activity on smart phones for a long time, so it makes sense the two would go hand in hand. Now that responsive email designs are available, you can design and brand emails to look professional and be optimized for your consumers who are checking out your emails on the go.

Social media and email marketing will always continue to serve two separate functions for a business, so the two are never meant to compete. But as with any shiny new object, social media has been front and center over the past few years. Email has quietly been in the background, but it’s back in a big way – and guess what? Email marketing is cool again!

We’re seeing email open rates regularly above 50% coming from smartphone users, which is great! Customers can access your email on the go so it’s important to make sure your email campaigns are optimized for their devices. Creating emails solely for desktops doesn’t work anymore because you’re designing for an increasingly declining percentage of customers. The problem with designing email campaigns that aren’t responsive is that when your customers receive them on their phone, the text is often very hard to read and the content is hard to navigate. Customers will ultimately ignore this content and probably unsubscribe from your list. Building responsive emails allows you to effectively talk to your customers and encourage them to interact with you and drive traffic back to the website.

If you’re interested in making sure your emails are responsive, connect with your Marketing Specialist today!

Using an Incentive to Collect Email Addresses

May 27, 2016

Building your email list is as important today as it was a few years ago. A lot of people seem to question email marketing as social media continues to grow in popularity. But the truth is, you need both. Social media and email marketing serve two very different purposes for your business. Social media is a great way to connect with customers and engage with them, while email marketing gives you an opportunity to generate sales by sending exclusive coupons and calls-to-action to get them to open the email and shop.

Did you know that 91% of U.S. adults say they’d like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with? By signing up for your email list, customers are asking you to contact them on a regular basis. Take advantage of that!

Building your email list can seem sometimes like an overwhelming feat. But there are some relatively simple things you can do to keep your list growing overtime. These include keeping an email signup form on your website and having a small notepad (or tablet) next to the register to collect email address at checkout.

If you’re looking to build your email list quickly, consider adding a time sensitive incentive to collect emails. A lead magnet is a great way to get email addresses “in the door” and gets customers excited about your business! An exclusive coupon or deal is a great (and simple) incentive, but you might want to consider offering a free service that relates to your business. Something like “free delivery” or “free consultation” might be more enticing to your customers.

Once you’ve decided on the perfect incentive, just share it like crazy. I mean that literally. Update your cover photos on social media to make sure you’re attracting those customers and do posts on social media to continue encouraging customers. You’ll want to also use your website as a tool. Consider adding a website banner to draw attention to your email sign up – and a bulletin board post too!

Offering an incentive is a great way to attract quality customers to your email list in a short amount of time. Choose and incentive and start building your email list today! As always, ask your Marketing Specialist for getting started ideas!

7 Easy Ways to Collect Email Addresses

November 26, 2014

With the holidays quickly approaching (seriously where did 2014 go!?) it’s a great time to build your email list with all of the traffic that will be coming in and out of your store! Here are 7 ways to collect email addresses in your store to build your email list for 2015!

  1. Keep a pad of paper next to the cash register. Ask someone for their email address and in return, give them a bite size Snickers bar. We like to call this “simple as a snickers” – it’s an oldie, but a goodie!
  2. If you send invoices to customers, include a call to action inside the envelope to encourage them to sign up for your email list. This could be as simple as a link to sign-up on the printed invoice or a separate piece of paper with specific instruction of how to sign up and what they’ll get for signing up (exclusive offers, event info, etc.)
  3. Collect business cards in a fish bowl near the register. Just have a small sign next to the bowl letting customers know what they’ll receive discounts and special offers by putting their business card in the bowl.
  4. Place a kiosk at the register for a seamless way to collect email addresses. A kiosk is a tablet that has been synced with your MailChimp or Constant Contact email accounts. Once a customer signs up it automatically syncs with your account, so you don’t have to import any email addresses manually. Kiosks look professional and they are a great conversational piece!
  5. If you are having an event in your store during the holidays, take advantage of this amazing opportunity to rapidly build your email list. You can walk around with a pad of paper or collect business cards in a bowl. If you have a kiosk (mentioned above), you can unplug it from the counter stand and bring this around the store! It’s an easy way for customers to fill out their information directly.
  6. Include a link to your email sign-up in your email signature. It’s an easy way to consistently remind customers about your email list.
  7. Incentivize your employees to build your email list! Reward employees for building your email list with cash or gift cards to local stores/eateries.

Happy gathering!

Getting Customers Excited About Upcoming Email Blasts

August 29, 2014

As a marketer who works online with websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns every day, you think I would be sick of this stuff by the time I get home!

But it’s actually just the opposite. I’m a marketer and a consumer, which means I also benefit from companies who use these tools to their advantage. There are a few companies that I regularly am waiting for their email blast to appear in my inbox each month. As a business, they have trained me to know when the email will be arriving and what I can expect when I receive it.

How did they do this?

This isn’t a crazy new concept, in fact, it may be simpler than you think. Businesses got me excited about their email list by talking to me where I was already engaging with them. This could happen in a variety of places, online, on social media, or in the store.

Email marketing is a great tool for businesses to use to regularly to contact customers, generate sales, and build relationships. You should be using it to your advantage and regularly talking about your email blasts to get people to sign up AND to keep people engaged.

It’s pretty common to talk to people about signing up for your email list. You can ask them at the register, put a sign up form on your site, and have a sign up form on Facebook. Great! Hopefully you are building your list and regularly sending emails to your customers who are asking for you to contact them (hey, that’s what it means when they give you their info!).

But we need to do a better job of reinforcing the value of our email campaigns to customers who have already signed up. Let’s make it a priority to build some hype around our email blasts! When you have a customer at the register about to check out, say to them “Hey, we sent out a 20% coupon yesterday did you get it?” Whether or not they have it is fine, give it to them anyway but make it a big deal. “I’d be happy to give it to you this time, but be sure to check your inbox before coming in next time for exclusive offers to save you money!”

You can use a very similar approach online! Start by creating posts on Facebook and Twitter a few days prior to your e-blast going out. Something as simple as “An exclusive offer will be sent to our email club this Tuesday! Sign up today if you’re not a member yet so you don’t miss this great deal!” Continue posting enticing messages once per day until the e-blast is sent out, but continue to change up the message to keep it exciting for fans of your page. This concept reinforces why people should be on your list and gives new customers a great reason to sign up!

Email Marketing Tips: Why It’s Important to be Consistent

June 30, 2014

We’ve all struggled with email marketing campaigns. Just when you think you have the BEST offer to give your customers, only 5% of your list opens it! It can become frustrating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to. When it comes to email marketing, let’s go back to the basics and stick with what we know.

I still don’t understand businesses who choose not use email marketing. Whether you handle it yourself or have a company handle it for you, email marketing is absolutely something you should be taking advantage of. Unlike social media, you have flexibility and some power (for lack of a better word) over subscribers to your email list. Hypothetically, if a company like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. shut down (note to our audience: we obviously don’t see this happening any time soon!  -and yes, keep using social media marketing to connect with customers!) where would you be? You don’t have control over the likes on your Facebook page or to customers who follow you on Instagram. But your email list is something that you can have and hold for the rest of your life. You can export/import your email list whenever you need to, you can talk to your subscribers based on their interests, and you can see a lot more specific information about how your users are interacting with you. Email marketing helps your business grow by regularly reaching your customers in an easy, convenient way.

When creating your email blasts, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. But think about this, when you’re checking your inbox, do you prefer to get emails from businesses or friends? The response is probably friends, and if you’re wondering how that helps your business – it absolutely does! Talk to your customers like friends, you don’t need to sell them something in every single e-blast that you send. Use simple subject lines that don’t scream “I’M TRYING TO GET YOU TO BUY SOMETHING!” Especially for small businesses using email marketing, you have an opportunity to talk to your customers about so much more than sales. Give updates about your store, new products, new employee hires, DIY tips, etc.

Consistency with your sends will help users interact with you more regularly. If you only send one e-blast every few months you’ll probably get caught in spam filters or customers will unsubscribe from your list all together. If you’re open about the types of content you’ll be sending your customers when they sign up, then do your best to stick to that content each month.

If you’re looking for tips to build your email list, then check back next month! We have some creative tips ready for you!

Dealer Spotlight: Von Tobel Grows Email List & Social Media through Giveaway

August 27, 2013

This blog entry was originally posted on the and re-posted here.

Growing Leads – and Sales Through Email & Social Media

Von Tobel Lumber & Hardware in Valparaiso, Indiana had a goal in mind for 2013; garner a bigger email address list and increase “Likes” on Facebook. Von Tobel’s Marketing Manager, Bill Kaye, turned to LMC’s Program with New Media Retailer (NMR). Janet Thomas, NMR Specialist, jumped at the opportunity taking on the challenge with confidence that NMR could generate the results Von Tobel was looking to get.

At the beginning of the year, Von Tobel and New Media Retailer developed a plan that combined social media posts, email marketing, and print advertising to drive customers to their website. Customers were encouraged to sign up to receive e‐mail updates from Von Tobel or to go and ‘Like’ their Facebook page and possibly win a fantastic Weber Grill. New Media Retailer managed the campaign through the Facebook app known as Easy Promos, which is an app designed to help run contests on Facebook.

In developing the promotion, Steve Conley, VP of Merchandising at Von Tobel, contacted Weber grills. The Von Tobel marketing team is keenly aware that when you let suppliers know what the goal is; they are willing to help you out. They had a solid plan and Weber was happy to participate in the promotion. And that’s how Facebook “Likes” and email subscribers became eligible to win a Weber Genesis EP 330 with a retail value of $999.00! It proved to be a significant draw.

The promotion began on April 22nd and by June 30th Von Tobel had over 440 new email addresses and 147 new likes on Facebook. Bill Kaye doesn’t hesitate to give NMR credit for the success. He said: “The key is in what NMR does for us‐ Keeping things fresh so it draws activity.” The success of the campaign is evidence that the right promotion, coupled with a solid campaign strategy, can provide incredible new customer connections.

How is working with NMR? Bill confesses: “We’re pretty much old school. We didn’t want to give someone else control over our website, emails and social media. There was also a fear of hooking up with a company especially when they’re across the country.” But he had to admit NMR made it easy for them. Bill said: “Janet is wonderful, full of fresh ideas. It is well worth it. They took away our fears working with someone so far away. They’re good people.”

He also mentioned: “We like the fact that NMR is in tune with this industry. We’re not their first lumberyard. You have to really look to find someone who has that blend of tech knowledge and knows our industry. That’s what we found through the LMC program with NMR.”

Build Excitement about your Email Campaigns

July 31, 2013

Looking for a new idea to entice customers to sign up for your email list?

Build excitement about your email campaigns by creating hype for an upcoming e-blast! Try using email only coupons as a way to let customers know that they are going to miss out on something special by not signing up.

A great way to do this is to use other social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, to create excitement! Start by creating posts on Facebook and Twitter a few days prior to your e-blast going out. Something as simple as “An exclusive offer will be sent to our email club this Tuesday! If you’re not a member yet, sign up today so you don’t miss this great deal!” This is a clear message, you are telling customers exactly when they need to sign up by, but this message is still enticing because customers don’t know exactly what the offer will be. Continue posting enticing messages once per day until the e-blast is sent out!

Encourage fans to like and share your posts so that their friends can receive this exclusive offer as well! Just make sure you include a place where people can sign up for your list, either on your Facebook page or by including a link to your sign up form.

This is a great way to reward your current email subscribers, but also to build your list at the same time!

Growing Your Email With Holiday Cheer

October 23, 2012

The holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year! Everyone is in the seasonal mood, the weather has changed, and it is a great time to be around your family! Holiday parties, eggnog, winter decorations and lights are present everywhere that you go. The winter season is the perfect time of the year to do something fun and different in the store! Use it as an opportunity to help grow something that is essential to your marketing capabilities and customer outreach; your email list!

It is essential to think of something for your store that is seasonal, fun and will show appreciation to your customers! When decorating for the winter season, a tree is usually a safe bet! They can be simple, elegant and are easy to setup and maintain.

In this scenario, a tree small enough to go on or near the counter would work best. Decorate the tree however you want but be sure to place a good amount of ornaments on the tree. When a customer comes to cash out, ask them if they would like to sign up for your email list. In doing, so they will be able to pick an ornament from the tree. Each ornament will be associated with a certain prize for the customer!

There a few ways to go about this. You can just write on the ornament 10% off, $5 off, buy one get one free, 25% off, and so on! Or you can simply write numbers 1 through 10 on all of the ornaments and have a list at the register as to what the numbers correlate to. Either way, the same goal is being accomplished and you are rewarding your customers for shopping with you during the holiday season and growing your email list as well!

Dealer Spotlight: Livery Feed and Ranch Supply delivers on email marketing

September 21, 2012

Email marketing is going strong!  At NMR we have seen great results using email to promote a dealer’s website along with their coupons, special offers, blogs, events, and products.  For our new dealers gathering email addresses can take some time, free candy bars, and a little coaxing —  but not for Steve Perry of Livery Feed & Ranch, a Purina dealer from Ramona, California.

Steve, along with manager Dena Hickman grew their email list in no time and sent the very first Livery Feed & Ranch email to over 146 subscribers!  Not bad considering they had only been live for a month! Imagine the reach; this is approximately seven times the standard list size of an initial email campaign.  How did they do this, you ask?

Shortly after Livery launched their website, Steve decided the easiest way to gather emails would be by setting up a computer near the register.  As customers were checking out at the counter, the cashier would ask if they had seen the new website yet and if they would like to receive email notifications from the store.  Interested customers entered their email address directly into the email field on the homepage right there in the store! They also had the opportunity to navigate through the site and ask questions about the features.  As an added incentive new subscribers were entered to win a gift card.  One gift card was awarded weekly for four weeks.

This method worked for several reasons.  It placed the new website in front of customers, immediately engaging them.  It gave them the chance to interact with it at the checkout, instead of just hearing about it.  The likelihood of someone returning to the website a second time is greater than a person remembering to logon from home afterwards.  The gift card incentive illustrated that Steve and Dena were willing to give back to their customers and invest in their new marketing plan.

If you need to grow your email list please consider this as an option.  Contact your NMR specialist today to see how to get started!

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