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Take all the guesswork out of building a scalable national marketing program

When you have something to say, how you say it is just as important as the message itself. Whether, it’s a promotion, product, or new store display, providing the framework for your stores to share their message is our main goal.

In today’s digital world, either companies are succeeding online or their not. Those that are not, may not understand what they are doing wrong or simply may not have time to try to succeed. New Media Retailer takes both of those obstacles completely out of the way. Our team of marketing, design, and IT professionals work together to make sure small businesses succeed online with as little time as possible.

NMR works with National Brands to help their stores succeed online, specifically in search engines like Google. Together, we can build a dynamic and easy-to-navigate website that will work for your stores. We can provide pre-loaded content, a product catalog, and corporate promotions to your dealers so that they truly understand how significant it is to be a part of your brand. Your knowledge and insight into the industry will be exactly what we use to help build a success web program for your stores.

We are confident in what we do, but don’t just take our word for it. Click through each of the buttons below to understand the services that we can offer stores that are already using your branding to grow their business.

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Get started with a fully optimized website, complete with a product catalog, coupons, location page, and contact form, built to drive local traffic into your store.

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Marketing Specialist
Your personalized Marketing Specialist will work with you each month once your website goes to live to keep it up-to-date and make sure your website is found on search engines like Google.

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Social Media
Engage with your audience on social networks, like Facebook, through monthly website updates, engaging posts, photo posts, industry content updates, and various communication techniques.

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Email Marketing
Develop a consistent form of communication with your customers through an effective marketing channel. Building a strong email list is essential to your company's online success.

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We built our programs from the ground up to be optimized for search. SEO can be confusing, but we will do the dirty work for you and help you track the successes that you’ve had each month.

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Continue to improve results and drive traffic by measuring the success of your website through monthly reports for you detailing the effectiveness of our on-going efforts.

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