About Our Company - New Media Retailer | Norwich, NY
Websites, Social Media and Email Marketing for independent retailers. We take care of everything for you, so you can focus on running your business!
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About Our Company

Our Story

New Media Retailer has origins that go back over 25 years when Jeanne Brightman brought her experience in retail hardware marketing, at the wholesale level, to Norwich, NY. Here she joined a seasoned print and publishing company and used her knowledge to grow and develop one of the largest custom circular production companies in the United States. Under her leadership this company went on to produce millions of advertising circulars each year for retailers in the hardware, pet, lawn & garden, lumber and building material industries.

As with all print related industries, opportunities for growth have become dependent on the increasing needs and demands of advanced technology. Seeing this need and the opportunity to expand her ideas in the area of “New Media”, Ms. Brightman formed a new company, New Media Retailer. This technology-driven company has brought together the skills of an experienced staff of IT, software development, graphic design and marketing professionals dedicated to meeting the New Media needs of retailers all around the country.

How it works

Our process is designed around your schedule. As an independent retailer, you’re schedules are hectic.

Leave the updates to us!

  • 01 Sign Up

    Easy one page sign up form to get started.

  • 02 We build it

    We build your site for you! Monitor the progress all along on your development site.

  • 03 New Site

    A brand new up-to-date website will be ready for your business. Typical websites go live in 60-90 days.

  • 04 Updates

    We'll call you monthly for updates. Meanwhile, we'll take care of all the technical stuff to make sure you grow in search engines like Google.

  • 05 Grow

    Receive new blogs, analytics and feedback to improve your website consistently.