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Adding Testimonials to Your Website

Adding Testimonials to Your Website

Including testimonials on your website answers questions for both current and potential customers. When a visitor comes to your website, testimonials provide an opportunity for them to learn why they should do business with you, without having to go look for the answer themselves. For current customers, it may speak to your continued service in a particular area, but for potential customers it created a credible sales pitch for you.

Adding testimonials is probably one of the easiest ways to improve your website, and an opportunity to generate more sales opportunities for you.  Testimonials build trust by allowing customers to speak for you, perhaps they will speak to a particular product you sell or to a positive service experience they’ve had with you – they tell your story for you in an unbiased way. But that’s not all. There can also be an SEO benefit to having testimonials on your site. Your service area extends outside of the area in which you currently do business, which means your customers do to. If customers send you a testimonial from a nearby town, there is an opportunity to help you rank for that town by including their location in the testimonial on your site.

It can be tough to feel comfortable asking for testimonials, but there is no need to be. Sometimes, testimonials can even come up organically. It’s important to recognize the opportunity and use it to your advantage. The easiest way to ask for a testimonial, is to follow up with a customer after the service/sale has been completed. In most instances you will have their email address, sending something as simple as, “We’d love to hear about your experience with us!” is a good way to get the ball rolling. This also may come up naturally during conversation with a satisfied customer, asking them to jot down their positive experience is also a great way to collect testimonials for your website.

Don’t miss out on a great way to add valuable content to your website!

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