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Make your Store a Destination

Make your Store a Destination

As a small business, it can always be difficult to find new ways to attract customers. But why not try something you’ve already got… your store? Turn your store into a destination that customers want to come to. Although this may sound like a tricky concept, it may be easier than you think.

As a small business, you have tools that are available to you that can help your turn your store into a destination. These tools include

1. Customer service

Your associates are going to be your number one tool in turning your store into a destination. Your employees can build a connection with customers and be more than just a sales person to them, they can become their friend! All this takes is a little bit of engagement. Employees should ask customers questions to help start a conversation, this small task can create so many opportunities. When customers trust employees at a store they will make it a priority to shop there, to go to the store even if it’s out of their way.

2. Knowledge

It’s important that employees at your store understand the products that they are selling. If a customer asks them a question, they should be prepared to answer and continue to assist through the sale. It’s such an opportunity to sell more than just the original product! Product knowledge allows employees the opportunity to inspire customers to try a new project or take up a new hobby!

3. Atmosphere

The atmosphere of your store also plays an important role. You want to create a clean and organized environment where customers can come in relax a little bit, and enjoy themselves while they shop. Over-cluttered shelves and messy aisles aren’t going to encourage someone to want to come back. Make sure you take pride in your store, just as you would if you were inviting a friend into your home.

Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and email marketing are a great resource in turning your store into a destination. You can constantly post about fun and exciting things that are taking place at the store and give people a reason to come in! Make customers want to be a part of your destination!

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