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New Facebook Changes: What do they mean for my business page?

New Facebook Changes: What do they mean for my business page?

As you may have heard, Facebook has been rolling out some changes to business pages. These changes do not affect the work that we’ll do for your page, but as an admin of your business page, it’s good for you to be in the loop!

We pulled a top 5 list for you, but these are in no particular order. Be sure to check out each one to make sure you don’t miss out on any information!

1. Facebook Insights

Facebook has rolled out a new version of Facebook Insights that make it much easier for Facebook admins to understand and interpret the data that Facebook provides us. For starters, Facebook split the “People talking about this” (I’m not sure that anyone knew what that actually meant) information available into separate, specific pages including Page Likes, People Engaged, Page tags and mentions, Page checkins and other interactions on a Page.

The type of information Facebook provides has also changed. Instead of just saying how many people saw a post, they now provide more relevant information. For example, Facebook now includes post clicks and likes, comments, and shares as a part of measurement for each post. Furthermore, Facebook isn’t shying away from negative feedback that a Page may receive. Hidden posts, hide all posts, report as spam, and unlike page are now available metrics for marketers to use.

To learn more about Facebook Insights updates, click here.

2. Editing Posts

Let’s face it… we’re human, we make mistakes! I say this in part because well, it’s true and because I’ve been caught making Facebook post typos. It’s probably more towards the latter, so this is going to be a major improvement if this is something that we have in common!

Facebook is testing the ability for page admins to be able to edit posts on their pages. As an admin, we have been able to edit photo captions, but not plain-text posts. Facebook is currently testing this on a variety of Facebook pages. So for now, if there is a typo we are still limited with options, i.e. cringe and bear it, delete the post and lose any engagement received so far, or correct the spelling in a comment below the post. This new update is much anticipated and should be rolling out soon (so we hear… and hope)!

3. Promotion Guidelines

Facebook changed its promotion guidelines a few months ago. Although this isn’t as new of an announcement as others on this list, it is a major change for Facebook Pages so it made the list. Facebook removed the requirement of the use of a third party app in order to hold any kind of promotion on your Facebook Page. As an admin, you now have the ability to choose whether you’d like to hold a promotion on your Page timeline or through a third party app. If you’re wondering what this means exactly…

Businesses can now:

  • Collect entries by having users post on the Page or comment/like a Page post
  • Collect entries by having users message the Page
  • Utilize likes as a voting mechanism

There are certainly times when using a third party app is in your best interest, but we will talk more on that next month! It certainly is nice to have the ability to do both, if you so choose!

4. Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads

I was recently contemplating making a purchase on a dress. After careful thought and consideration, I decided against it. I closed out of the website and headed over to Facebook, but what I found there was a total shock. There, at the top of my newsfeed was an ad with the caption “You know you’ve been checking me out.” with three pictures of the dress and a message encouraging me to continue checking out. What!? How did Facebook know? I quickly looked over my shoulder thinking maybe someone was standing over me telling Facebook my every move, but of course no one was.

Facebook has already rolled out custom audiences, and is currently in the works to offer improvements to this new Facebook ads feature. Custom audiences allows Facebook Pages to reach offline audiences among people who are Facebook users. You can target these customers, whether or not they’ve liked your page, through updated ad features. For example, you can create an ad specifically to target Facebook users who are current customers, but have not yet liked your page. Facebook can do this using email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs, etc.

5. Facebook Edgerank Algorithm

Once upon a time Facebook determined the updates that would show up on a users newsfeed on three elements; affinity, weight and time decay. These three factors still play a role in determine the types of content that show up on a newsfeed, but they are joined by about 100,000 other factors.

Here are a few highlights of new factors that Facebook is using:

Post Types
Facebook is taking into account the types of content that a user typically engages with on their newsfeed. This means that if users typically click on photos, either like them or comment on them, Facebook will show more photos in their newsfeed. If a user engages with link-posts, then they will see more link-posts in their newsfeed. As a Page admin, it’s important to make sure you post a variety of content to make sure you are reaching a wider audience.

Device Types
There are a variety of devices that users can have to access Facebook. Facebook takes this into consideration including factors such as load times, device type, etc. If a user has a slow internet connection Facebook will typically show them more text-posts than image or video posts. This shouldn’t be seen as a limitation by Facebook admins, it’s meant to still encourage engagement based on the content that users can see. Meaning, if a video or photo doesn’t load there is almost no chance that a user will engage with it.

Story Bumping
Story bumping allows posts that may be starting to disappear to get a second chance at visibility on the news feed if they are still getting interactions from users’ friends.

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