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Dealer Spotlight: Livery Feed and Ranch Supply delivers on email marketing

Dealer Spotlight: Livery Feed and Ranch Supply delivers on email marketing

Email marketing is going strong!  At NMR we have seen great results using email to promote a dealer’s website along with their coupons, special offers, blogs, events, and products.  For our new dealers gathering email addresses can take some time, free candy bars, and a little coaxing —  but not for Steve Perry of Livery Feed & Ranch, a Purina dealer from Ramona, California.

Steve, along with manager Dena Hickman grew their email list in no time and sent the very first Livery Feed & Ranch email to over 146 subscribers!  Not bad considering they had only been live for a month! Imagine the reach; this is approximately seven times the standard list size of an initial email campaign.  How did they do this, you ask?

Shortly after Livery launched their website, Steve decided the easiest way to gather emails would be by setting up a computer near the register.  As customers were checking out at the counter, the cashier would ask if they had seen the new website yet and if they would like to receive email notifications from the store.  Interested customers entered their email address directly into the email field on the homepage right there in the store! They also had the opportunity to navigate through the site and ask questions about the features.  As an added incentive new subscribers were entered to win a gift card.  One gift card was awarded weekly for four weeks.

This method worked for several reasons.  It placed the new website in front of customers, immediately engaging them.  It gave them the chance to interact with it at the checkout, instead of just hearing about it.  The likelihood of someone returning to the website a second time is greater than a person remembering to logon from home afterwards.  The gift card incentive illustrated that Steve and Dena were willing to give back to their customers and invest in their new marketing plan.

If you need to grow your email list please consider this as an option.  Contact your NMR specialist today to see how to get started!

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