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$5 Can Go a Long Way

$5 Can Go a Long Way

Building your email addresses at your register is simple as 1-2-3; all you need is a pen, paper and $5 off!

Nothing is more attractive and appealing to a customer than a dollar amount off on their next purchase by just giving you their email address. Not only will they be thinking what a no-brainer that is, they will also have extensive benefits with the newsletters you blast out to them.   They surely will be talking about it with their friends and neighbors. The more customers spread the word about your business, the more you grow!

You’re thinking, $5 per customer could add up over an extended amount of time.  But you will be receiving so much more in return!  Those customers will be coming back to the store to make purchases to redeem that $5.  So in return, you will be gaining more customers, boosting customer communication, a better opportunity to get more referrals easily, and more traffic coming through your doors. Sales! Sales! Sales! They will be coming through your doors, with the intent to buy, and you will gain so much more in revenue and exposure!

Building your email addresses is an easy way to reach a wide network of customers. Talk with your customers about the benefits of adding their email address to your list.  Giving them $5 off their next purchase and you will receive so much more in return. It’s as simple as 1-2-3!


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