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A cry for Yelp.

A cry for Yelp.

From time to time I hear about a consumer based creation called Yelp, and how it’s becoming quite a big thing as far as business ratings go. Since word of mouth can often be half if not a larger percentage of free advertisement, Yelp can be very important in making sure consumers keep coming back.

Yelp is an unbiased website, allowing consumers to post the good, the bad, the funny, and everything in between as relates to experiences they have had at any type of establishment. In this, Yelp does everything in its power to maintain that honest, hardworking businesses get the recognition they deserve.

This can be an asset to small businesses who are already honest, hardworking, and customer based, and can even help businesses that may not understand why they are not getting more traffic. As these are truly your customer’s honest opinions of their experiences at your business, you can see where there may be holes in your presentation to the consumer.  Encouraging customers to give a review on Yelp can create a better relationship with those customers, letting them know that their opinion is important.

This then directly affects your website, the more customers talk about your website, the more often your name and website will appear in search results. This also helps localize your search engine results, helping tie your website and your business to local consumers more efficiently then by a simple Google Search, as a search in Yelp specifically targets local businesses.

So the answer is? Treat your customers right, and they’ll take care of you too.

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