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Bounce Back

Bounce Back

Want to drive repeat customer visits? Want a tangible way to track your traffic coming through your doors? Want sales to continue through your slow season?  If your answer is yes, which it should be, think about bounce back offers!

Simply put, a bounce back is a come back!  You extend an offer to your customers, and the customers grab that offer and bring it back to you! It can be as simple as a “$5 off your next $25 dollar purchase when you sign up for our email.” There are several advantages to creating a bounce back to draw customers back to your business:

  1. You are peaking the interest of new and existing customers.
  2. You are offering an incentive to come back to the store, which benefits you and your customers.
  3. You have the opportunity to reach a whole new realm of customers…everyone wants a deal these days.
  4. You are showing your customers your appreciation for them by offering them a special.
  5. You are keeping it simple for you, your staff and your customers.  It is important to “keep it simple” in a high-speed world.  Everyone can appreciate simplicity and convenience.
  6. Aren’t all of these great enough reasons?

The great thing about a bounce back coupon offer is that it can be customized and tailored to fit your individual business.  Perhaps you want to focus on a new product (redeem coupon to receive a free sample of …), begin a donation drive to support a local charity (donate $5 and receive a buy 1 get 1 offer, or $ off next purchase), or increase your customer reach with obtaining emails ($5 off your next purchase when you sign up for our email).  I think you get the picture.

No matter what you choose as your business’ bounce back, the main focus is to drive those customers back to your store.  Giving your customers an incentive whether it be a gift, a chance to win, a special offer, will keep them coming back.

*Show your appreciation to your customers; thoughtfulness counts!*


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