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Building on your Current Email List

Building on your Current Email List

The rewards of building an email list are endless for business owners. Email allows you to be connected to your customers and to send them valuable information, not only about your store, but about specials and events that they will want to know about!

We all know that it can be challenging to build an email list. Most of you already have an email list and think you are all set. However, it’s important to see your email list as something you can always be building on and improving. The more you build your email list, the more you will increase your customer loyalty and increase the opportunity for sales. There are many easy, inexpensive ways that you can continue building your email list.

1. Educate your customers about what you are offering

It’s important to continue educating your customers about your email list. Let customers know that you send out emails and the types of information that is in them. Chances are that a customer won’t turn down an opportunity to receive coupons in their email. An easy way to do this is to keep an email list right by the register. When you are checking someone else, just casually let them know that they can sign up for your email list to receive specials and information about events taking place in the store. An even better way to entice them to sign up is to show them what they are missing! Have a printed out copy of one of your e-blasts right next to the sign up pad so customers can see exactly what they will be receiving once they sign up.

2. Offer an incentive that customers just can’t live without

An email campaign is a great way to get a lot of email sign ups in a short amount of time. An easy campaign is to offer something that is directly connected to your business or even your community. A gift certificate to your store for anyone who signs up during a specific time frame is a great incentive because it provides both a value to you and your customers. Offering a gift certificate to a local restaurant or store is a great incentive too!

3. Encourage your employees by having a fun competition

A great way to continue building your email list is to put it in the hands of your employees. Creating a fun opportunity for your employees to get involved is always a win-win. Why not have a competition amongst your employees to see who can gather the most email addresses during a specific time frame? You might just be surprised by the results! You can even make the competition more fun by offering a small reward for the winner. This is a great competition that you can offer a few times over the year.

4. Advertise your e-blasts in your print marketing

In a small area of your print marketing campaign, you can let customers know that you use email marketing and that by signing up they can receive specials and event information on a regular basis. It won’t take up too much room and the opportunities are endless! You can reach a lot of customers by including this information on your next print campaign!

The moral of the story is that you always want to be building your email list in order to maximize its potential. Growing your email list doesn’t take too much of an effort on your part, but the result will definitely be worth your time!

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