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New York Pizzeria

Case Study: From Anniversary Celebration to Successful Facebook Campaign – Getting the Word Out

Frank and Betsey Baio started New York Pizzeria back in 1982, based on Frank’s dream of bringing authentic, Sicilian-style pizza to upstate New York. Over the years, as a true family business, their three children have worked in the restaurant with them.

In 2002, their 20th anniversary, they remodeled the restaurant, added a full Italian menu, and rebranded as New York Pizzeria & Restaurant. Since then the business has continued to flourish and has remained a mainstay in the community.

Fast forward to 2019. They were celebrating their 37th anniversary and wanted to offer food specials as part of the festivities but were unsure how to best promote these to current and prospective customers, so they turned to New Media Retailer for help.

Social Media Requirements

The owners of New York Pizzeria knew they wanted to promote their celebration but felt daunted by the process. According to Frank, “My wife and I have a lot of responsibilities as business owners so social media isn’t always top of mind for us. Add that to the fact that we are ‘older’ so it doesn’t come ‘naturally’ to us. When we started looking for a social media solution, we wanted someone we felt like we could trust and that made us feel comfortable with the process…”.

After a bit of searching they turned to New Media Retailer for a creative and effective strategy to reach their target audience.

Social Media Engagement

Understanding how New York Pizzeria’s customers already engaged with them on social media, New Media Retailer decided that a Facebook marketing campaign would be the most effective way to get the message out.

They knew their client wanted an exciting, eye-catching concept that tied into the fact that it was an anniversary celebration. According to New Media Retailer, “Since it was the 37th year in business anniversary, sharing older photos added a fun element to the visuals and gave us a reason to create new posts each day.”

So they crafted an initial post using an old photo of Frank, featuring his receding hairline, paired with the funny headline, “37 years later, and while some things have changed, two things you can always count on will be Frank’s hairline and our classic cheese pizza” along with a special cheese pizza price, and then boosted the post on Facebook for $15. Ultimately New Media Retailer created one image post and one cover post.

The Challenge

The two initial posts were launched on New York Pizzeria’s Facebook page the day of the anniversary. Due in large part to the high initial engagement they received, the restaurant decided they wanted to extend the initial special and add a few new price specials to keep the celebration going and keep engagement high.

New Media Retailer had only designed assets to cover the original anniversary day marketing campaign and they knew these new ads needed to feel integrated with the originals, as if this extension to the anniversary celebration had been planned all along.

The Solution

New Media Retailer quickly pivoted. They extended the initial concept of using old family photos and crafted new Facebook posts that built on the initial narrative they created.

The first displayed an even younger photo of Frank, from before his hairline receded with the headline, “Guess we were wrong about TWO things yesterday, Frank’s hairline HAS changed and one day is just NOT enough to celebrate 37 years in business (according to Betsey).” This second set of images and cover photos extended the dates of the sale and listed the new price specials.

New Media Retailer wanted to be certain each post heightened the excitement around the campaign and created a mild “fear of missing out” reaction in customers. “We ended up creating new posts each day with a countdown ‘3 days left to save – 2 days left to save – last day to save’ and used [different] old photos along with the specials.”

The Results

New York Pizzeria was blown away by the engagement New Media Retailer was able to create for them. Frank particularly was amazed by the results. “For the day of the anniversary sale we saw an increase of 150% in sales from a typical Sunday. I called New Media Retailer and said ‘FACEBOOK WORKS!’”

In total, throughout the five day campaign New Media Retailer crafted and launched six separate posts —  four image posts and two cover posts. Only the first image post was boosted on Facebook for $15.

By the end, the combined reach of the six posts hit 44,155 people, garnered 9,449 distinct post engagements and increased New York Pizzeria’s page likes by 133. New Media Retailer considered the campaign a success and New York Pizzeria was thrilled with the results. Again, from Frank:

“I would recommend New Media Retailer to any business because as a business owner, we should stick to what we know and let the experts take care of what they know! I have fun on social media and don’t mind posting here and there, but I couldn’t have achieved the results that they did for me.

New Media Retailer Delivered on Their Promise

New Media Retailer successfully leveraged their creative abilities and their thorough understanding of social media marketing to create a campaign that connected perfectly with New York Pizzeria’s customers, evoking happy, nostalgia for people that have been patronizing this community fixture for 37 years. This motivated a large number of people to engage with the brand and come in to the restaurant to take advantage of the specials.

New York Pizzeria could not have been happier. As Frank puts it, “Having New Media Retailer as a social media partner has allowed us to have peace of mind about the content that’s being posted to represent our business.”

New Media Retailer prides itself on its social media marketing and engagement services, and the results they pull for their clients. They were extremely pleased with the results of this campaign and look forward to future successes with New York Pizzeria and their other clients.

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