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Case Study: Improving Online Presence for an Improved Sales Performance – Westville Grand Rental Station’s Formula for Success

Westville Grand Rental Station store front photo

Case Study: Improving Online Presence for an Improved Sales Performance – Westville Grand Rental Station’s Formula for Success

Meet Westville Grand Rental Station, a rental store in New Hampshire with inventory suitable for individual contractors, DIY, event planning, and more. Westville GRS caters to a broad spectrum of needs – offering used equipment, tents, small engines, tractors, lawnmowers, and party linen, to name a few. Despite a great reputation in the market, Westville GRS was missing out.

Westville GRS realized they could multiply their sales with a powerful online presence. So, they approached New Media Retailer with the purpose of revamping the company’s digital appearance.

New Media Retailer worked with Westville GRS to create an online presence that brought new efficiencies for both new and existing customers.

 “Customers visit our website, check out our rental catalog and submit inquiries for products to see if the items are available for the dates that they need them.” – Brett, Rental Manager at Westville Grand Rental Station

New Media Retailer’s strategy to include a rental catalog with request availability functionality on the website turned out to be a great option for Westville GRS. Now customers, both existing and potential, can request product availability, prices, and other similar information on the go. They already know what is in store for them and it is helping Westville GRS to offer a convenience to their customers, so they can submit multiple requests at once in an easy way.

The Problem:

Westville GRS knew something was amiss with how they were marketing online. They didn’t know exactly where and how they were missing out. As per Brett Smith, Technical Manager at Westville GRS, their online presence was “minimal at best.” So, Westville GRS contacted New Media Retailer to take care of their digital marketing needs.

The goals were to market their products better and optimize their website to enhance search engine visibility.

The Solution:

How It All Began?

Westville Grand Rental Station is a member of True Value Rental. New Media Retailer is True Value Rental’s preferred vendor for website services, the partnership has existed for several years and results for other rental members were encouraging enough for Westville GRS to take the plunge. And that’s how Westville GRS began on the road to an improved online presence.

Actions Taken

First and foremost, NMR discovered the areas where improvements were required.

The website’s search engine visibility required immediate attention. To increase sales and build an online reputation for Westville GRS, the business needed to be found online. New Media Retailer optimized the business’ website, focused on adding quality content, generated strategic title tags and built  product catalog – and its search engine ranking began to improve. Now people looking for retailers in categories like Home, Business, Wedding, and Landscaping, etc. can discover Westville Grand Rental Station frequently.

In Brett’s words, “We get around 90 request availability submissions per month.” That means, the business has the chance to close 90 leads through their website each month, all through their revamped and search engine optimized website.

That One Business Move That Changed Everything (For Good)

What proved out to be the most favorable move for the business was the addition of a rental catalog to the website. New Media Retailer discovered the need for a rental catalog which could provide instant information regarding product availability and help with search engine results.

The rental/product catalog offers various categories like Moving and Shipping, Wedding, and Contractor, etc. On clicking a category, visitors can find a list of products with complete information. If interested, they can even request availability for a product on the fly.

This has been helping the business tremendously – a profitable business move in every sense.

People look up for products in the catalog and submit requests for availability. Previously, customers were making inquiries in a few different ways. With the request availability function, Westville GRS is receiving more inquiries and it’s easier for their customers to submit them – it’s also more efficient for Westville GRS because it keeps all of the rental inquiries in one spot.

The Results:

The results of New Media Retailer’s digital marketing strategies for Westville GRS are speaking volumes.

The SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are bringing more visibility to the business on Google and similar platforms. The traffic to the site has increased drastically.

Westville GRS’s improvement in the organic search results is doing wonders for the business. Now Westville GRS has a better chance of standing out amongst its competitors. Now people can find Westville Grand Rental Station even when not looking for it.

As Brett puts it:

“We also know the services are working because of the searches we get found for in Google that don’t include our business name. For example, last month, 38 people searched some form of “pipe puller rental” and found our website.”

The newest addition to the site, the rental catalog, has been a big hit with the site visitors turning them into customers.

Now customers know exactly what can be rented, because it’s visible for them through the rental catalog. This is a great start to the sales process because it allows Westville GRS to collect key customer data like name, address, delivery address, but also the dates needed for the requested items.

According to Brett, customers are also bringing coupons from the website.

The efforts put in Westville Grand Rental Station’s online presence are paying off. And the much-satisfied company has a lot of good stuff to say about their progress and work experience with New Media Retailer.

“Things are moving along smoothly. We have a great account rep at NMR who is able to get us answers to any questions or issues we may have in a timely manner. The site is easy to monitor, add/remove products, etc.”

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