Case Study: Storm Related Communications – Animals & Gardens Unlimited - New Media Retailer | Norwich, NY
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Case Study: Storm Related Communications – Animals & Gardens Unlimited

Jamey Bohonyi, owner of Animals & Gardens Unlimited in New Egypt, New Jersey works with us to manage the website, social media presence, and email marketing for his store. Unfortunately, natural disasters such as blizzards and floods have hit the area serviced by his business. While other businesses buckled down and prepared for the worst, Jamey saw each event as an opportunity.

“As a business owner and homeowner worried that both could be affected by a storm, I know what products my customers will be looking for when a storm is heading our way – because I’m using them too.” Jamey continues to say these storms give him opportunities to promote products that he knows his customers will need. This strategy became particularly effective during a winter blizzard.

The Plan

“I knew a blizzard was heading our way, I was able to get in touch with our generator distributor and secure an entire tractor trailer delivery of generators to our store. Once I got the confirmation, I knew I had to sell them.” Jamey immediately reached out to Leeann, his Marketing Specialist, to develop a game plan.

With about 4 days to prepare for the storm, Leeann formulated two eblasts, a Facebook post, and a coupon on the website to actively promote the product.

The plan included only a $70 fee to Jamey for a custom eblast. The other eblast, coupon, and Facebook posts were already included in his monthly fee.

new media retailer eblast

The Results

  • The first eblast had a 25.9% open rate, a full 10% above the average industry open rate.
  • The second eblast also performed well with a 20.5% open rate.
  • The social media post reached 2,464 people, with 63 likes and 35 shares.

email campaign analytics
Within 36 hours, Jamey sold over 120 generators and the entire tractor trailer delivery was completely sold out.

Unfortunately, natural disasters effect all different parts of the country, so one may impact your area in the future. Communication with customers during these times is key, especially when your products can help them weather the storm. Timing is the crucial element. You need to prepare to communicate before the storm. Once nasty weather strikes and your customers can’t reach your store, they can’t utilize your products when they need them.

To post updates on your website, social media, or to send an eblast, simply reach out to your Marketing Specialist. They are always here to serve you, especially in time sensitive moments such as this!

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