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Challenge Yourself! Use Video to Educate Your Customers

Challenge Yourself! Use Video to Educate Your Customers

Social media has evolved so much over the past few years. In 2013 we saw a huge increase on the importance of posting photos to increase engagement on your page. Photos are very important because it’s easier to catch a consumers’ attention and to keep them engaged vs. a text post. 2013 was definitely the year of images. But in 2014 you will start to see a lot more videos being posted on social media by brands. I’ve seen some big brands already jumping on this band wagon, taking an opportunity to use video to add relevant and educational content in a fun way to their social media pages.

Big brands shouldn’t be the only companies on Facebook doing this! Challenge yourself this month to post at least one educational video to your Facebook page! It can be 15, 30, 90 seconds – the sky is the limit! However long it takes you to convey your message is fine!

Spring is on the horizon, so use the new season as an opportunity to post a video. Do you sell gardening products? Post a video showing customers how to plant a new type of seed to really help their garden bloom! If you sell pet products, try posting a video of using a new training product and how it helps make the process easier! You can come up with a video for any topic, but it’s important to take this opportunity to help your customers’ lives easier! Also, if your video promotes products sold in your store, that’s a win-win right?

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