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Checking In

Checking In

Social Media Marketing

A great way to offer a customer a discount is to do it when they are already in the store. Facebook has made it easy to allow customers to check-in, all you have to do is give customers an incentive to do so.

There are many benefits for providing incentives for customers to check-in. Once you have them in the door, it will be easier to increase their spending by providing them $1.00 or $2.00 off coupons for merchandise that they may not have thought to pick up in the first place.

An additional added benefit of encouraging customers to check-in is that customers can automatically check friends in with them and add photos. It doesn’t stop there, customers that have checked-in can also write a review about the experience that they had in your store with just one click! Now you can rely on your customers to help build your Facebook page, and you will have one heck of a virtual guest book!

There are so many benefits of encouraging customers to check-in. Besides providing an incentive for customers to shop more and creating a virtual guest book, you also get free advertising of your brand name! When customer’s friends on Facebook see who is checking-in, browse the photos, and read the review they will be more enticed to click on your store name. Checking-in can become your virtual word-of-mouth marketing!

All of these great benefits came from your customers! You don’t have to do any work other than letting your customers know that you are on Facebook and encourage them to check-in! For an added bonus, maybe offer your customers that have checked-in a Snickers bar in return!

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