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Creating a Simple, Yet Effective Incentive Plan

Creating a Simple, Yet Effective Incentive Plan

Are you looking for new ways to keep your regular customers coming back as well as trying to broaden your customer base? Excellent customer service and everyday low prices are always a great selling point, but why not offer a little extra incentive to make sure that your customers are returning and new ones will want to start coming in more often?

Creating an incentive plan can be easy and fun to do. You may be wondering what an incentive plan actually is. It is quite a simple idea. Find out what your customers are purchasing the most. If you know your customers, this shouldn’t be difficult. Many regular customers often come in to the store to purchase the same, or a couple of the same products each visit.

Start a program where if you accumulate, say 6, 8, or 10 purchases of one item, then they get the next item for free. You can track this in a few different ways. Here are two ideas. The first is to have your customers hold on to their receipts. When they have purchased the amount needed to get their free item, they can show you the proof on the receipts and you can give them their free item.

Another way to track customer purchases would be to have a little card made up that you can hole punch with a unique hole puncher or certain color marker. It will be the responsibility of the customer to hold on to their card and present it to be marked at each purchase. Many stores already use promotional coupons very similar to this.

This is a simple, yet rewarding incentive plan that can easily be executed at your store. It ensures that customers will keep coming back for more and it also tells them thank you for shopping with us and lets them know that they are valued. Use this promotional venture to boost your in-store support today!


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