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Dealer Spotlight: Von Tobel Grows Email List & Social Media through Giveaway

Dealer Spotlight: Von Tobel Grows Email List & Social Media through Giveaway

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Growing Leads – and Sales Through Email & Social Media

Von Tobel Lumber & Hardware in Valparaiso, Indiana had a goal in mind for 2013; garner a bigger email address list and increase “Likes” on Facebook. Von Tobel’s Marketing Manager, Bill Kaye, turned to LMC’s Program with New Media Retailer (NMR). Janet Thomas, NMR Specialist, jumped at the opportunity taking on the challenge with confidence that NMR could generate the results Von Tobel was looking to get.

At the beginning of the year, Von Tobel and New Media Retailer developed a plan that combined social media posts, email marketing, and print advertising to drive customers to their website. Customers were encouraged to sign up to receive e‐mail updates from Von Tobel or to go and ‘Like’ their Facebook page and possibly win a fantastic Weber Grill. New Media Retailer managed the campaign through the Facebook app known as Easy Promos, which is an app designed to help run contests on Facebook.

In developing the promotion, Steve Conley, VP of Merchandising at Von Tobel, contacted Weber grills. The Von Tobel marketing team is keenly aware that when you let suppliers know what the goal is; they are willing to help you out. They had a solid plan and Weber was happy to participate in the promotion. And that’s how Facebook “Likes” and email subscribers became eligible to win a Weber Genesis EP 330 with a retail value of $999.00! It proved to be a significant draw.

The promotion began on April 22nd and by June 30th Von Tobel had over 440 new email addresses and 147 new likes on Facebook. Bill Kaye doesn’t hesitate to give NMR credit for the success. He said: “The key is in what NMR does for us‐ Keeping things fresh so it draws activity.” The success of the campaign is evidence that the right promotion, coupled with a solid campaign strategy, can provide incredible new customer connections.

How is working with NMR? Bill confesses: “We’re pretty much old school. We didn’t want to give someone else control over our website, emails and social media. There was also a fear of hooking up with a company especially when they’re across the country.” But he had to admit NMR made it easy for them. Bill said: “Janet is wonderful, full of fresh ideas. It is well worth it. They took away our fears working with someone so far away. They’re good people.”

He also mentioned: “We like the fact that NMR is in tune with this industry. We’re not their first lumberyard. You have to really look to find someone who has that blend of tech knowledge and knows our industry. That’s what we found through the LMC program with NMR.”

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