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Digitally Invite Your Friends to your Next Event

Digitally Invite Your Friends to your Next Event

Social Media Marketing

We all know that having in-store events is a great way to connect, engage, and build relationships with your customers. When planning an event, it’s very important to invite, remind, and post any information about the event so that your customers have the information right at their fingertips.

In order to try to connect with each of your customers, it’s important to post event information in several places. That way, you can reach all different types of customers in ways that are convenient for them! There are a few ways to post event information on the web:

  • Post the event information to your website
  • Include the event information in your email marketing campaign
  • Create events on Facebook in order to digitally invite your friends

Through Facebook, you can create events and then send invitations to your friends! It’s really easy, here’s how:

Step 1: Login to Facebook and access your business page

Step 2: Click the events tab on the left hand side of the page, under your logo

Events Tab

Step 3: Click ‘Create Event’

Step 4: Simply fill out the information for the event and click ‘Create Event’

Event Page

Step 5: This is where it gets tricky… go back to your personal page to invite all of your friends to the event!

The best part is, when friends confirm they are going to the event all of their Facebook friends will see it! It’s free exposure for your event! Also, if any new information comes up about the event, you can easily post the information to the event and all of your confirmed guests will get a notification about the new information!

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