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Does your Yelp Page Need Some Help?

Does your Yelp Page Need Some Help?

Last month we talked about what iPhone maps and Yelp are telling your customers about your business… this month we are going to focus on how to encourage better reviews on Yelp from your customers!

Have you had a chance to check out your Yelp page? If so, you may have seen some reviews that you loved about your business, some that made you cringe, or you may not have seen any reviews at all. Yelp does have an influence on consumers, so let’s focus on encouraging positive reviews from your loyal customers.

Here’s 3 simple steps to get you started:

1. Create Awareness

Do your customers know that you’re using Yelp? If the answer to this question is awkward silence let’s change that right away! Post a sign at your store(s) to encourage customers to visit your Yelp page and leave a review while they are there! Yelp has a really great mobile app, so customers could check out your page and leave you a review right at your store! Also include the Yelp logo everywhere that you put your website, Facebook icon, and Twitter symbol.

2. Highlight your positive reviews

Now that you are starting to get some good things going on your Yelp page, let’s shine some light and make your customers feel like super stars! Post positive reviews on your Facebook page, website, and email marketing campaigns! Maybe you even want to print them out and hang them in the store! Be sure to thank your customers for their kind words and then encourage other customers to do the same! This is a great way to create exposure about your Yelp page and reward your customers at the same time!

Another approach to try is to reward your reviewers! Instead of encouraging a bunch of people to post at once, reward those who have already left you a positive review! Maybe it’s with a coupon or a freebie! This will help to create positive exposure about your page and will naturally encourage others to post so they too can be rewarded in the future!

3. Use your current marketing channels

This idea sort of piggy-backs on “highlighting your positive reviews” but it’s important to make sure this point is made on its own. Yelp might not be something that is working for you exactly the way you’d like it to right now, but that’s okay, we can get there! What is working for you right now? Is it Facebook, email marketing, Twitter…? Use your established channels to bring awareness to your Yelp page and encourage positive reviews through them! Whether it’s a post on Facebook a few times a month or including a call-to-action in the footer of your e-mail for customers to check out your Yelp page… use what’s already working for you to your advantage! Try to stay away from the “PLEASE REVIEW US… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE” concept that everyone is doing. Try to get creative with your calls-to-action, something like “Want to see what your friends are saying about us? Click here!” It’s a little bit more intriguing and might help to get you more honest reviews!

Turning your Yelp page into a piece of art is going to take some time! But it will be worth the work that you put into it! Like most things in life, this is going to take some work on your part. But if you consistently work at it Yelp will help to drive traffic to your business! And hey, who doesn’t want that?

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