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Email Marketing Tips: Why It’s Important to be Consistent

Email Marketing Tips: Why It’s Important to be Consistent

We’ve all struggled with email marketing campaigns. Just when you think you have the BEST offer to give your customers, only 5% of your list opens it! It can become frustrating and overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to. When it comes to email marketing, let’s go back to the basics and stick with what we know.

I still don’t understand businesses who choose not use email marketing. Whether you handle it yourself or have a company handle it for you, email marketing is absolutely something you should be taking advantage of. Unlike social media, you have flexibility and some power (for lack of a better word) over subscribers to your email list. Hypothetically, if a company like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. shut down (note to our audience: we obviously don’t see this happening any time soon!  -and yes, keep using social media marketing to connect with customers!) where would you be? You don’t have control over the likes on your Facebook page or to customers who follow you on Instagram. But your email list is something that you can have and hold for the rest of your life. You can export/import your email list whenever you need to, you can talk to your subscribers based on their interests, and you can see a lot more specific information about how your users are interacting with you. Email marketing helps your business grow by regularly reaching your customers in an easy, convenient way.

When creating your email blasts, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype. But think about this, when you’re checking your inbox, do you prefer to get emails from businesses or friends? The response is probably friends, and if you’re wondering how that helps your business – it absolutely does! Talk to your customers like friends, you don’t need to sell them something in every single e-blast that you send. Use simple subject lines that don’t scream “I’M TRYING TO GET YOU TO BUY SOMETHING!” Especially for small businesses using email marketing, you have an opportunity to talk to your customers about so much more than sales. Give updates about your store, new products, new employee hires, DIY tips, etc.

Consistency with your sends will help users interact with you more regularly. If you only send one e-blast every few months you’ll probably get caught in spam filters or customers will unsubscribe from your list all together. If you’re open about the types of content you’ll be sending your customers when they sign up, then do your best to stick to that content each month.

If you’re looking for tips to build your email list, then check back next month! We have some creative tips ready for you!

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