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Encourage Positive Reviews About Your Business

Encourage Positive Reviews About Your Business

Potential customers are using the internet to research a product, business, or service before making any shopping decisions. When someone does a search on the internet, a customer review can go a long way in speaking for your business. Have you done a search to see what customers are saying about you? Potential customers are aware that not all customers are going to be happy all of the time, so it won’t come as a shock to see one or two bad reviews. What they are looking for are two things: 1. Did you respond to the negative comment? 2. Are there positive things people are saying about your business as well?

In today’s world, a lot of merit goes into a customer review. One of the most popular places for online reviews are on your Google Place Page. Be sure to check out your page today to see what customers are saying about you. If you would like to add some positivity (whether it’s currently there or not) to your page, try offering customers an incentive for leaving you a review. A lot of companies are trying this, for example, if I order something online, I’ll receive a card in my package that says “Write a review on this item and we will give you free shipping on your next order!” It’s a simple way to encourage reviews, but to not be too sales-ey about it. Why not try this at the store level so that you have an opportunity to interact with customers at the same time. Offer customers 5% off their next purchase if they write a positive review about you online. Here are a few sites that accept customer reviews to help get you started:

If you need help promoting this in your store, or on social media, contact your Marketing Specialist for some great getting started ideas!

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