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From Santa to a Smile

From Santa to a Smile

Email Address Builder

How to build your e-mail database through store events

Your store events have been fantastic! You have attracted tons of customers with door prizes, games, music, laughter and activities. Now keep building on the excitement surrounding your store through email.

People come to your store events not simply because they are interested in the event, but more importantly because they are interested in purchasing the products in your store. So don’t let these customers out the door without adding them to your email list so that they can see how great your products and specials are every single month.

Here’s how-

  • With Christmas around the corner why not invite Santa Clause to make an appearance for a day? Designate a photographer to snap photos as you ask the parents for their email addresses so that you can send them digital photos of their children with Santa.
  • If you are giving out prizes then make sure that you’re receiving email addresses. How about filling a large jar with mini candy canes and having customers guess the number of candy canes inside. All they need to do is fill out a small form with their name, email and guess. The winner gets the jar of candy canes for the holidays and you get more email addresses.
  • Having an outdoor event at the store? Act as the party photographer and snap photos of everyone having a good time. Not only does it reflect well on your company, but everyone will want to provide their email so that they can receive your digital photos.

Most important, don’t be afraid to ask! Who wouldn’t want to find out about monthly coupons, advice and products from their favorite local store?


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