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One thing that we all have in common is that at one point in our lives, we have played a game! Whether it was on the board walk, local fair, restaurant, Grandma’s house or the neighbor’s game night…we all have done it and we probably got some sort of thrill out of it!  Why not bring the games to your business?

Energize your business with a game!  Many of us think of “consumer incentives” as giving back to our loyal customers but now in a generation raised on video games, “gamification” may be more appropriate!  Integrating a game into your business can really win your customers hearts and minds!

Consider Foursquare, a company built entirely on a game-design model.  Users earn badges (awards) for checking in at places they like to frequent.  Over 8 million people have downloaded the Foursquare app, and use it to check in.  What a hit this has become.

So, Foursquare sounds a little elaborate right? Well, games do not have to be complicated or complex at your business.  Create a game that can either run for a day, a week or month if you would like.  The reward to the customer can be a plethora of things.  Perhaps a % off their next purchase, or their choice off a clearance rack, or an entry into a gift card. The possibilities are endless.

How about creating a game week called Flip Chip?  Upon check-out, your counter person can have a chip (or a coin) and they flip it.  Perhaps one side of the chip is blank and the other has a blue dot on it. If they land on the blank side they do not win. If they land on the blue dot side, they WIN! 50-50 chance…I would play for that!

People enjoy positive reinforcement….and, well, play is fun!  Gaming reinforces players through positive feelings generated by achievements, which can be through points, badges, discounts, a free gift or reward—tangible or not. Games generate positive feelings.  Giving customers something positive encourages additional interaction with your brand, service and product.

So the next time you dust off the Monopoly game, Hungry Hippo or Uno, think about bringing a game to your business. “What good feeling game can I bring to my customers?” It can be fun for them, you and your team and will energize your business on so many different levels!

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