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Gathering Emails with a Basket Raffle

Gathering Emails with a Basket Raffle

Building your email address list will be quick and easy when you offer your customers a nice gift basket in exchange. Offering a themed basket would be a great way to get the ball rolling. Conveniently we have a plethora of fall events, such as harvest season, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, even Homecoming if you have a lot of community sports fans! Really it depends on what your business does best and what you think your customers would really be interested in.

Gather some materials, sale items, season specific items, or items that you simply know your customers won’t be able to resist. Get some feedback from your cashiers, as they are helping your customers every day, they may have some feedback in what your customers may want to see. Using a basket, or even a plastic pumpkin bucket (should you decide to go with the Halloween theme), are cheap and easy ideas, to contain your email gathering bait. Then set out to collect your email addresses.

Notify your cashiers, use your P.O.S. system, or do it the old fashioned way, and offer strips of paper (be sure they include their name as well as their email address) and throw them into a container. Set a raffle date, and voila! Not only is it now an easy way to notify the winner that they won, but you’ve got a bushel of potential sales into your email list!

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