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Analytic Advice

For most businesses, determining the effectiveness of advertising is difficult. Geo-Targeting (targeting a marketing or advertising campaign at a limited set of visitors based on their physical location) is a practice that we all struggle with. Where should I send my print? What radio stations should play my ad? Which T.V. stations are worth my budget? Now that you have a website that works; we can help!

With 2 simple steps, you can use your NMR Analytics Report to unlock new insight into the effectiveness of your complete advertising effort. Here’s how:

Step 1
Include your website address in all advertising efforts. For example, if you are printing an ad in your local newspaper, include: “find our special offers @” somewhere on the ad. If you are taping a radio spot, include: “go to to learn more” at the end of the spot.

Step 2
When you’re planning your advertising campaigns, use the visitor section of your monthly analytics report to effectively target your ads. If you are looking for more traffic from a certain city or town, target your budget in that area. Watch your analytic report in the coming months to see if you were able to grow your number of visits from that area.


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