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Include Your Team in Your Marketing Efforts – Online and Offline

Include Your Team in Your Marketing Efforts – Online and Offline

As a small business you have one MAJOR advantage – your team! You can work together to provide an amazing customer service experience with your customers. Better yet, because members of your team are so dedicated, they are probably “experts” in certain areas and your customers rely on their expertise when making buying decisions!

Think of your store dynamic, do you assign certain staff members to specific locations in the store because of their passion and expertise? For example, if you have an associate who loves to garden, it’s a hobby and they are constantly buying books to learn as much as possible, it’s safe to assume you would have them work in the garden section of your store to help your customers as much as possible! You probably even get great word of mouth marketing by your customers who share their experience in your store with someone who was so knowledgeable and helpful! This concept helps to drive business to your store, so let’s use the same concept online and reach even more customers!

Talk about your team online, mention their strengths and what specific types of things customers should come in and ask them questions about! But don’t stop there! Once you’ve had a chance to introduce your team on social, keep the theme going by having your employees talk about specific products. For example, as we are officially into fall and heading into winter, have a team member who loves gardening recommend a product in a photo or video and talk about the highlights of the product and how it will help your customer by purchasing this item. You can continue this theme into any section of your store. If you haven’t tried posting videos on your page yet, give them a try this month! Videos are a great way to engage with customers.

Having conversations with your team members about what’s happening online is equally as important as talking about them online. You could set up some really great marketing efforts online, but if you don’t talk to your team about what’s going on they won’t be able to carry the messaging through! By now we know it’s important to update your website every month, but let’s take this one step further by printing a copy of your coupons and specials each month so that your staff can talk about them with customers. Staff members can train your customers to visit the website prior to shopping by saying something as simple as “I see you’re buying this item today, we have a coupon online for this! I’ll give it to you today, but be sure to check out our website before you come in next time!”

If you have new members joining your team, be sure to take some time to sit down with them and go through your website. Having a team who understands the values and benefits of what customers can find on your website will only help your traffic grow in the store and online!

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