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Integrating Your Marketing Strategies

Integrating Your Marketing Strategies

Social media marketing is essential to your business’ success in this day and age. Social media helps your business in numerous ways that you may not realize. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others are all searchable and appear high in Google results, which allows your website to be seen in more than one capacity. The goal of social media marketing through such applications as Facebook and Twitter is to let people know more about your business and to build relationships with customers. By posting pictures and information about community events, in-store events, sales and more,  you are helping your customers associate with you and your business. This is essential because people buy from people they like and from whom they trust!

However, it is important to continue to focus on other advertising/marketing mediums as well. In order to ensure that you are reaching all of your customers, you must find a healthy balance between print and online marketing. Use your established print advertising channel as an opportunity to draw traffic to your website and social media sites.

In order to stay relevant to all of your customers, it is important to stay active through print and online marketing. There are many benefits to both. This will afford all of you the opportunity to advertise in more than one market, allowing for a greater opportunity to get more traffic on the web. In contrast, you now have the capacity to post your print advertisements on your Facebook and on your website! Also, include a call-to-action on your next print piece to direct traffic to your website or Facebook page! That way, all of your bases will be covered!

As social media marketing continues to grow, it is essential to your business to grow with it. Social media is a great opportunity for businesses, but works best when you can promote it through currently established channels. As a small business owner it’s important to learn to include all aspects of marketing into your advertising campaign.

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