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Introduce Your Employees on Social Media

Introduce Your Employees on Social Media

One of the many advantages of being a local business is your staff. Not only do you, as a business owner, have an opportunity to work one-on-one with your staff, but your customers do too. When customers feel comfortable with your staff they will begin to open up and share the things they love about your business, things they don’t like, and ask any questions they may have. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about your customers!

Social media can help your customers feel even more comfortable with your staff. Consider adding an album on your Facebook page that’s called ‘Meet the Team.’ In this album, you can put a picture of each employee with a short description! I have seen TONS of examples of businesses doing this. Some businesses get really creative and use the description to talk about everything from a particular employee’s dream vacation to pet’s name to their favorite kind of sandwich! Others just have the employees name and position with the company, which is okay too! The point is to take the staff-customer interaction one step beyond the store and open it up on social media. This also helps for customers who may not yet be familiar with your business; it helps new customers to understand the culture of your store and get to know some of your employees before they even come in.

I’ve had the opportunity to see customers really connect with employees on Facebook through the few hundred social media accounts at NMR. Whether it’s through a post, a review, or a photo, it adds so much value to your Facebook page to have customers personally thank an employee, wish them good luck at college, or specifically refer to them by name when asking a question on Facebook. Consider adding a ‘Meet the Team’ album to enhance your Facebook page today! Your NMR Specialist can help you create the album, upload the photos, and place any text that you send our way!

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