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Introduce Your Staff on the Web

Introduce Your Staff on the Web

As a small business, each person that you bring on to join your team has a real opportunity to make an impact on your business. Over time, each employee will begin to find their strengths and build relationships with your customers. Having good employees can make your job as a business owner much easier. Quite simply, the best business strategy in the world doesn’t mean anything without the right people to execute it. That’s why it’s important to make your staff as approachable as possible and really give your current and potential customer a chance to get to know them!

People like to do business with companies that they feel they “know,” and there’s no better way for them to get to know you than by introducing them to your employees. Including a staff section on your website is a great way to create an opportunity for people to get to know your team.

Include a photo
When you’re introducing your staff on your website, include a photo so customers can easily put a face to a name! This doesn’t have to be a professional shot photo – give your employees a chance to show their true personality and submit a photo or take a selfie.

Contact Information is Important
If you have several locations, be sure to include where each employee works. You may also want to consider putting contact information for managers of each store so that customers feel management is accessible to them for any comments, reviews, or questions.

Encourage Accomplishments
If your employees have certificates or training in an area that pertains to your business – be sure to include that information on their staff page! This is a great accomplishment that would also benefit your business and should definitely be shared with customers. Highlighting your employees’ accomplishments is a great way to boost likability and show customers that your employees are serious about their job!

Passion Goes a Long Way
Some employees really seem to shine when talking about certain products or departments within your business. This would also be great information to include on a staff page. For example, “If you’re looking for a new Deck, stop in and see Bob! Bob has worked with hundreds of customers to help them design their dream deck. Come on in and meet with Bob and see how he can turn your outdoor dreams into a reality!” really gives this employee a lot of recognition about his interest in designing deck and builds credibility to customers.

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