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It’s a “Fair” Season to get Emails!

It’s a “Fair” Season to get Emails!

Fair season is upon us, and in some locations, in full swing. While many of us are planning on enjoying what the Fair has to offer, the smart business promoter is trying to work it to their advantage. Since e-mail is an efficient way to advertise, this would be a great opportunity to build to your email list!

Of course, you could just get a booth and wave people over, hope that your business is intriguing enough to entice those walking  by, or you could offer them a juicy deal! Contests are a time and time again proven opportunity to get a consumer’s attention. It costs nothing but a few scribbled characters for someone to give you their email address, and everyone that signs up is a potential sale, several potential sales in fact, so why not compensate that effort just a little?

The advantage of a good e-mail list is often priceless, since this is not only a way to spread news, share the joys and events that happen or pass through  the store, but entices your customers with deals, promotions, and new products, what is a small free gift in comparison?  Not to mention, in comparison to printing and circulating flyers (which is still the tried and true method of advertising) e-mails are nowhere near as costly, and can often generate very similar results to your print advertising.

Obviously the bigger the bait, the more fish will appear, so determine how much you want to spend in order to reach a certain goal. A gift card can work for any type of business, and is not a real loss because it is a guaranteed re-investment into the business.  However, you may be surprised to find what the results of offering a $5 gift card might generate!

Keep in mind, the fair is a perfect place to get this kind of involvement, most visitors are there to take a chance, be it a game, or a ride, or a show, so keep the ball rolling!

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