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Mother’s Day – Make It An Event

Mother’s Day – Make It An Event

Now that the nice weather is here let’s think about a great event to pack your store on a weekend!  It should be an event that promotes sales, projects, buying, and helpful know-how. How about a Mother’s Day Sales Event?

It’s perfect because you can target fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters! Here are a few fun ideas that can really help this event be a huge success.  First off, figure out your door buster specials (free flowers w/ $20 purchase) and really promote those…wherever you can.  Send out an email blast, post on social media, have a radio blitz, and/or advertise with direct mail and in newspapers.  Next, figure out what you’ll have at the weekend sales event.  Depending on your store you can offer gardening tips, cooking/BBQ classes, landscaping advice, guest speakers, or interior decorating tips/ideas. Have some refreshments and snacks to keep folks around all day and maybe some kid friendly activities like a bounce house, clown, magician, or petting zoo.  While you’re at it get a local band or DJ in there to provide live entertainment!  Try to get the local radio station to broadcast live and announce door prizes and specials over the air!

Take a few of these ideas and throw a big Mother’s Day event…and as long as you promote it, you can’t go wrong!  Of course feel free to use these ideas for other events as well.


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