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New Egypt Agway Incentives Employees to Get Involved in Social Media

New Egypt Agway Incentives Employees to Get Involved in Social Media

As a business owner, you already wear so many hats – and Jamey Bohonyi, owner of New Egypt Agway is no exception. Jamey knew that taking in-store photos was important for social media, but struggled to find the extra time to take pictures to send to his Marketing Specialist, Leeann. Understanding this, Leeann went to work brainstorming ideas to get Jamey’s staff involved with this process.

Jamey, a current customer of NMR, already receives industry related and engaging posts through the social media posts that we take care of for him, but he wanted to take this one step further. Jamey knew it was important for his staff to get involved, so he decided to create an incentive for them to do so! Members of Jamey’s staff are encouraged to send local/store related ideas and photos to Leeann on a regular basis. Leeann, having a marketing background and being an expert on social media, receives the content from employees and chooses which content is appropriate to post to the page and adds a marketing spin to each! For example, if an employee sends Leeann a picture of some chicks, Leeann may include a link to their special offers page on their website with a deal on a chick related item. Leeann is able to schedule posts that she receives from employees at times that she knows works well based on when users are online and to make sure she’s keeping a regular flow of content coming to the page.

Jamey confesses he relies on Leeann to “draw customers in.” He goes to say, “my employees are great with knowing what customers are looking for and what products to recommend, but I wouldn’t have time to review everything before it gets posted. I trust Leeann to give all of the content that comes her way a marketing spin to help grow my business.”

At the end of each month, Leeann tallies up how many employees sent “approved” content (not all posts that are sent are used) and sends the final numbers to Jamey. Jamey then gives $30 to the highest participator, $20 to the second highest participator, and $10 to the third highest participator. This works great for several reasons, but most importantly, it’s a great way for employees to feel like they are a part of New Egypt’s marketing campaign, it creates a good mix of industry related and store related content, and allows Jamey to be confident that all posts that are going through are professional, timely, and reviewed by a marketing professional.

Not all incentives need to include a dollar amount, but incentivizing your employees to work with your Marketing Specialist is a great way to add store related content to your website and social media pages!

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