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New Year, New Results

New Year, New Results

2014 is officially underway. The holiday buzz has officially died down and we are now returning to business as usual. Hopefully you have a chance to reflect and evaluate different areas of your business with the start of the new year. Reflection and evaluation allows you to strengthen what’s already working for you and improve your weaknesses. Developing a solid marketing plan for your business will help you with both of these areas.

A major focus of 2014 at New Media Retailer is (and always has been) ways that we can improve the search engine results success of our customers. We want your website to be found for a variety of searches in your area. We have set some motions in place to prepare for new Google updates, SEO updates, etc. But you play a major part in this as well.

When developing a marketing plan for 2014, make sure to dedicate time to your online presence. This includes regular website updates, working with your Marketing Specialist to improve title tags, perform tests to see how your website performs in Google etc. Regular website updates are crucial to the success of your website. We built your website in a strategic way, so that you may only update the special offers, but Google will think you updated a variety of pages. You shouldn’t let a month go by where you don’t take advantage of website updates because if you do, you aren’t helping your website to perform as well as it should on Google.

A marketing plan can help you map out website updates for a few months in advance, some dealers even plan for a whole year. You know your business better than anyone, you know what month customers will be looks for specific products, what projects they will be working on, etc. Develop an outline of your top areas of business each month for an entire year and use this as a guide to help you plan your website updates. Once you can easily identify what customers will be shopping for, it will make it easier to decide which featured products to send to us, special offers, and it will help to plan events for your store. This will also help you to be proactive with your search engine results. If your website has the content on it that consumers are looking for, you will have a better chance of showing up in Google!

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