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Preparing for the Holiday Season on Social Media

Preparing for the Holiday Season on Social Media

This year has just completely flown by! It seems crazy to think the holidays are just about upon us, but ready or not, here they come! As you begin to prep your stores for the holiday season, it’s also important to prepare your social media pages as well.


Social media plays a huge part in the holiday shopping season, in fact in the 2014 holiday shopping season 67% of shoppers purchased a gift they found on social media. When preparing for the holidays on social media, find a theme that matches your store and determine how to create content around that theme. This content may include photos, videos and posts to allow you to interact with customers on social media.

Use social media to showcase new products coming in to the store, upcoming sales and promotions, in-store displays and to show off products (come on, we should all be doing this!).

Here are a few action ideas to kick start the planning process:

  1. Store photos

Easily add a holiday theme to your social media channels by sharing photos of the store decorated for the holidays. This could be as simple as taking photos of holidays lights hung in the store or as creative as building a holiday tree with store items as ornaments.

  1. Gift ideas

This is valuable content that you can share with customers in a fun way! Often times, the hardest part of holiday shopping is just getting started coming up with ideas. This can be especially true when buying gifts for the opposite sex, which may require you to go to stores that you may not be familiar with. Let’s make this as easy for customers as possible!

Work with your Marketing Specialist to develop a blog for the website of a shopping list for “him” or “her”. Put the same products that you mention on the blog post together in the store and take pictures. Easily share this content on social media for an attention grabber and drive traffic back to the website with a link. Providing valuable information like this helps you as a business make your customers’ job easier during this crazy, hectic time.

  1. Get creative

Turn your Facebook page into a countdown to the holiday season. With the 25 days leading up to Christmas Day, you can post funny memes, quotes, exclusive coupons, staff photos, etc.! It’s a fun and easy way to build excitement.

Looking for other ideas? Reach out to your Marketing Specialist – they would be happy to help!

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