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Reach the front page of Google local searches, for free!

Reach the front page of Google local searches, for free!

According to Google, 97% of consumers search for local businesses online. This has huge implications for your small business, and Google has provided a free tool for you to reach these consumers effectively: Google+ Pages. Creating a descriptive and personalized business page on Google+ will drastically increase your chances of making the front page of local searches for your products or services, and below we will tell you the simple steps you can take to create a free Google+ page.

Step one:

Create a specific Google account for your business. Avoid using your personal email, so sign up for an account such as: You can easily do that by clicking here.

Step two:

Create a Google+ Page for your business. This is also very simple, just follow the instructions Google provides. You will have to verify your business through phone or mail, so Google knows you are reputable. You can create your Google+ Page by clicking here.

Step Three:

Optimize your page for search results. Google will provide you with prompts on your business page about how to create important content, but make sure to follow these key guidelines:

  1. Make absolutely sure your business phone number and address is listed exactly as it is on all your other online media sites. Google will take into account this information when it ranks your page.
  2. Add Keywords to your business description. Make sure you use only a few extremely important keywords, as opposed to stuffing many slightly-related keywords in.
  3. Ask at least one satisfied customer to leave a review on your page. This greatly increases your rankings. Make sure never to leave reviews from the same computer as the page was created, or you will damage your rank.
  4. Add a few photos to your page, as well as a URL to your website.

Those are the super easy basics! You can now leave your page unmanaged if you like, but remember Google+ Pages is a social network, just like your Facebook page. Share content if you wish, and have fun with your new free marketing tool!

The Results:

Below we see the front page search results for “Pet Food in Syracuse, NY”. The top 7 businesses listed all have Google+ Business Pages, as well as a convenient address and phone number right next to the business name!

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