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SEO: Why it’s important to add products each month

SEO: Why it’s important to add products each month

One of the perks of having an NMR website is the ability to add products each month.  Of course we regularly talk about the benefits of regular website updates, but adding products goes beyond that! We built our system in a way that adding new products will really help to improve your search engine results each time we add new products.

We look at a lot of websites in a day (emphasis on A LOT), which means we see websites of every shape, size and color. A lot of times we will see a website that has one page dedicated to products, this page will either have bullets on the page that outline the manufacturers that they carry or just product names. But then we look at an NMR site, each product has its own specific page with a product name and description. Creating a specific page for each product with a description allows your website to continuously grow with unique content for Google to index. This will allow your website an opportunity to perform better on search engines, which will help your website be found when customers are searching for products in your area!

If you are having trouble coming up with which new products to add to your website each month, we do have a few recommendations to get you started:

1. Just look up

Sometimes it’s just as easy as adding the first products you can see with your eyes when you are on the phone or replying to an email with your Specialist. Because each product is added individually, it’s easy to just say the product number or SKU and before you know it you’ve added an entire line! It’s easy to do and only takes a few minutes.

2. Create a chart

Some of our dealers are more project oriented, so for them it’s easy to make a chart for the year and identify the types of projects that customers will be planning to or already be working on for each month. Creating a chart like this will also help you to identify when you’d like to have in-store sales, which products customers will be looking for each month, etc. This will help you to be efficient when adding products because you know what customers will be looking for ahead of time.

3. Random Aisle Check

In order to make sure that all areas of your products are being covered, try to pull a few products from random aisles in your store. This will help to keep a good mix of products to benefit multiple types of customers who may be looking for different products.

If these tips don’t work for you, please feel free to ask your Specialist for ideas! They are always happy to help!

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