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Shake Hands with a Local Business

Shake Hands with a Local Business

Businesses, especially in today’s economy, should always be striving to find creative and successful ways to get their name out there.  Have you ever considered approaching other local business owners to see if they are interested in cross-promoting?  Asking local retailers to partner with you is a terrific way to gain exposure and gain access to more client potential.

Cross-promoting involves two or more parties who set up a program where each party helps promote the others’ products and services.  It is a new way to build awareness around your business, your products and your services.  Cross-promoting is simple and easy (aren’t we all looking for that these days?) It takes little time, some networking, maybe some printing costs and that’s it!

A great example of this would be one that took place in my home town; a local small tent company partnered with a local pizzeria to gain likes on Facebook.  In this specific example, the tent company wanted to hold a contest.  In addition to the tent company’s promotion of their contest, the pizzeria promoted the contests through their own Website, Facebook and in-store signage.  The winner of the tent company’s contest received a gift certificate to the pizzeria.  Both businesses now have access to each other’s customers.  You can even make the deal sweeter to customers by exchanging 10-15% discount on products or services for each other’s customers “Mention that you saw our flier at the pizzeria and receive 10% off”.  Each business owner is happy and traffic has increased!   Your reach will expand even further while also bringing in more revenue for the company.

Follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Identify Potential Partners—Same type of customer but you both provide a different service. Become their customer and build the trust and loyalty.
  2. Sell Your Idea—Present your ideas to the business
  3. Run the Campaign—Simple and easy!  Sweeten the deal to give an extra reason to keep the customers coming back to both businesses.
  4. Repeat—Run another campaign 5-6 months down the road to keep the relationship alive and strong.

Partnering with another local business, even a local advertising group, can be solicited in many creative ways.   Cross-promoting can thoroughly utilize your marketing efforts simply, efficiently, timely, and productively.  You can build your website clientele, e-mail list, in-store traffic and MORE!  BEST OF ALL: You are attracting FREE customers to your business! I’ll shake to that!


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