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Simple as Snickers

Simple as Snickers

Email Address Builder

The easiest way to a customer’s email address is by offering them something in return. Make your giveaways thoughtful, and never offer them something obvious (like 10% off, or $5 off). They will always respond more positively to something you’ve clearly been creative with. One campaign worth trying in your business is called “Simple as a Snickers”.

  1. Go to your local warehouse shopping club and buy a few bulk boxes of Snickers bars.
  2. Visit your local home center or restaurant equipment store and purchase a display case to set next to your cash register (preferably one with shelves).
  3. Fill the display with the candy bars.
  4. Put a sign next to the display case letting customers know that they get a free candy bar for signing up.
  5. Put a ballot box or fishbowl next to the candy bars as well with some slips for your customers to write their email addresses on.

Better Success Tip: Make sure you and your sales teams are talking to customers on the sales floor about your candy bar giveaway. Don’t wait until they get to the cash register to remind them!!

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