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Step 1: Creating a response from the store

Step 1: Creating a response from the store

We’re here to help you through this.

Step 1: Creating a response from the store

Good afternoon again,

Yesterday we told that we’d follow up with some tips on how to handle coronavirus at your store. Here’s what we suggest you do first: put up a clear message as to how your store is responding.

We are monitoring the questions consumers have for retail stores. We’ve created a questionnaire (below) with the most popular questions.

Email us at with answers to the questions we have listed below. We’ll take your responses and put the information together into a blog post for your website. We will post the blog on your website, link it from a slider, post to social media (if we manage your pages) and send in an eblast (if we manage your email campaigns). We’ll even post to your Google My Business page!

Once you email us, your Specialist will see it and get to work! Please feel free to contact your specialist directly if that’s easier.

Popular Consumer Questions

  1. Are you open for regular hours?
  2. Are you operating at full capacity or with a limited staff?
  3. Any inventory issues customers should be aware of? Should a customer contact you before coming in or do you anticipate maintaining inventory levels as of now?
  4. Are you taking any special cleaning / sanitizing measures?
  5. Are you taking any special precautions you want customers to be aware of?
    For example, we’ve had a few stores indicate they will be leaving in-store pickup orders outside of the door so customers don’t need to come in. If you have anything specific like that to include just let us know.
  6. Any cancelled / postponed events that we should include on the website?
  7. Preferred method of customer contact?
  8. General notes you’d like us to include?

Again, you can email us and your Specialist will see it! We are actively working to help all stores post covid-19 updates, but we will be working as quickly and efficiently as we can to post messages.

Thank you all so much! Stay safe and healthy.

The New Media Retailer Team

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