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Step 5: Create Videos for Social Media

Step 5: Create Videos for Social Media

Good afternoon,

Over the past 3 weeks, we have sent several suggestions for addressing COVID-19. If you’ve missed any, you can find them here.

Here’s what we suggest you do next: Create videos to share on social media. 

Videos are a great way to engage and inform customers. While it may seem awkward or uncomfortable, we encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and give this a try!

You don’t need to be an expert at this or have professional equipment. In fact, the more authentic you are, the better it will come across to your customers. You may need to film your first video 2 or 3 times until you’re happy with it. But that’s okay, each time it will get easier. You can film these videos right on your smart phone and we recommend keeping them about 2 minutes (or less) in length.

Benefits of videos on social media during COVID-19:

    1. Engagement – Customers are more likely to interact with videos than any other medium on social media. This means there is more of a chance that they will like, comment and even share your message with their friends.
    2. Update Customers – Many things at your store may have changed over the past few weeks. Record a weekly video to touch on what’s new. For example, new hours, new inventory, new policies, curbside pickup, etc.
    3. Push Conveniences for Customers – Are you relying on curbside pickup or local delivery? This is a great time to push those to your customers to remind them how easy it is to shop with you, but they can also remain safe while doing so.
    4. Personal Touch – Customers shop local because they know you. Due to COVID-19, they may not be seeing your face as often as they once were, but social media allows you to keep that connection.

Check out this example of a local business owner using a video to share updates with his customers!

Thank you all so much! Stay safe and healthy.

The New Media Retailer Team

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