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Take an Interest in Pinterest

Take an Interest in Pinterest

Still wondering what all the hype is over Pinterest?  Maybe you’re still not completely sure what it is, let alone understand how it can help you as a business owner.  Never fear, we are here to help you learn all about this fast growing social media network for business and personal use.  Just a forewarning, once you start pinning, you’ll have a hard time stopping.  No wonder why this addictive site was the fastest growing social media website in internet history, much faster than Facebook.  In fact, it drives more referral traffic to a retailers’ site than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. Now that I have your attention, let’s go over the basics:

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an online pinboard.  Users have the opportunity to ‘pin’ or post things found on the internet that inspire or interest them.  Like Facebook, users can share and comment on each post while following their friends, family, and even favorite retailers.  Topics can range from wedding planning, redecorating, cooking, pets, travel, entertainment, art, crafting, beauty, fashion, and much more.

How does it work? Pinterest is twofold.  Users have the ability to install the ‘Pin It’ bookmark tool on their browser for easy pinning while on the web.  If they find a new idea or something they like, for example a DIY chandelier made out of mason jars, they can post it to their Home Improvement board by clicking on the ‘Pin It’ button.  In order to credit the source, each pin contains the original url that links back to the website.

Secondly, users can ‘Repin’ items either from featured public categories or through anyone they are following.  After logging in, all new pins appear in the user’s main feed, similar to the Facebook Newsfeed.  Commonly, pins are repined directly from the feed.  Suggested Friends and a log of recent activity of friends appear to the left.

How do I get started? To request an invitation to join Pinterest visit http://pinterest.com/ and click the red, ‘Request an Invite’ button. Existing users can also invite their friends directly, and they can search among facebook friends.

How can this benefit me as a retailer? Traffic, traffic, traffic! Pinterest generates a lot of referral traffic that connects retailers and customers.  Think about it, once someone posts their favorite product it will be shared within their social network where all of their friends can see your product.  In turn, users would be more inclined to visit your website as well as business.  A great way to connect is by installing the ‘Follow me on Pinterest’ button which is available to business members to post on their websites or blogs.  Lastly, retailers can also pin items for sale.  These items are organized by price and listed under the Gift section.  Did I mention that Pinners tend to repin these items too?

Pinterest is a great way to connect with your customers.  This growing network proves to be an asset to any business.  For more information, visit http://pinterest.com/about/.

Referral Traffic Report from Shareaholic: http://blog.shareaholic.com/2012/01/pinterest-referral-traffic/

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