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The Benefits of an FAQ Page

The Benefits of an FAQ Page

Does your website have an FAQ page?

If the answer is no, this may want to be something you consider adding! Also, if you’re answer is “ummm…. I have no idea” then this article is for you too!

An FAQ page may sound rather generic in theory, but can actually service as an awesome customer service AND SEO opportunity for your website. An FAQ page can work to alleviate any questions or concerns a customer may have about doing with you. Although an FAQ page is often forgotten when developing content for a website, it can actually work to answer questions that a customer may not even know they had and/or work to keep customer inquires from coming through your contact form on your website.

Although an FAQ may repeat some pieces of content that can be found on other pages, like your about or products pages, it actually works to solve a very different purpose. Instead of speaking in broader terms like you might on other pages, an FAQ page provides an opportunity to answer questions in a very specific away about a variety of topics. A variety of topics may include:

  • Product return information
  • Holiday hours
  • Credit applications
  • Job applications
  • Sponsorships (who to ask)
  • Gift Card purchases
  • and more!

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Not sure you’ll be able to come up with content to add an FAQ page?

Ask your customer service reps!

“What questions do customers ask over and over?”

Any questions like this would be a great addition to your FAQ page and help to ensure it’s a valuable asset to your website!

An FAQ page can also be a great opportunity to show your fun side! You don’t need to answer questions in an ordinary way, get creative with your responses to truly show your company culture.

Interested in adding an FAQ page? Connect with your Specialist today to see how you can have this page added to your website! 

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