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The Importance of Social Media Personalization

The Importance of Social Media Personalization

Social media personalization is becoming more and more important for business owners. We all know that maintaining a Facebook presence, as well as participating in other social networks such as twitter and LinkedIn to name a few, can be a valuable way for you to connect with customers. Personalizing social media profiles will not only allow your customers to find you easier, it will help keep you and your customers connected. There are several things you can do to personalize your social media pages; here are just a few simple ideas for personalizing your Facebook page:

•    Personalize your Facebook Page’s Photo Strip – Businesses are finding creative ways to use and customize the look of their pages. Consider using the photo strip to spell out or promote something. By default, Facebook uses your five most recent photos. An easy way to customize your photo strip is to create a photo album for your photo strip, keeping these photos separate from others. After you have added the five photos you want to use to your album, they will load into your photo strip as the most recent uploads. Keep in mind, when you add other photos to your wall, you will need to delete them in order to keep your custom photo strip in view. Here is an example of how NMR personalized their photo strip:
NMR's Facebook photo strip

•    Create a Facebook Username – Choosing a username is optional. By default, Facebook provides you with a URL consisting of randomly generated numbers. An advantage to choosing a username is that it will give you a distinct Web address for your Facebook profile, rather than random numbers, making your Facebook page URL easier to find and share, as well as making it look more professional. Enter in your browser to select a customized version of your Facebook profile URL.
•    Create a Custom Welcome Page – You can generate a custom welcome page from any custom tab by setting the page as your ‘Default Landing Tab’ (under ‘Manage Permissions’). A great way to use this page along with welcoming new visitors is to encourage them to ‘Like’ your page so they don’t miss out on special offers, new products, special events, etc.
•    Socialcam – One of the easiest ways to share videos on Facebook and Twitter. Socialcam combines video sharing with social communities and works with iPhones and Androids. Be sure to check out the Socialcam App available on the App Store and the Android Market. Post how-to’s, tips and tricks and so much more. Your fans will be sure to come back and see what’s new!


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