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The Name Game

The Name Game

There is an old adage that says for small business owners 20% of your customers will equate to 80% of your business. Because this sentiment usually rings true, it is important to really focus on that 20% of your customers that do the majority of your business.

A large advantage against big corporations is the ability to learn your customer’s names. Not only do you have the opportunity to learn their name, but you can get to know their family as well. This is a major factor in getting and keeping business when you own a small store or stores. Chances are your customer’s father and grandfather shopped at your store. You know their kids and when they come into the store you treat them like family and address them by name. Your employees will most likely know all of your customers as well which keeps the cycle of feeling at home intact. This keeps your customers coming in because they feel comfortable in your store and know that they are more than just people buying products from your store.

Also, you have the ability to go the extra mile for your customers. Whether they want an item or product special ordered, they need you to meet them early at the store or stay open just a little later, do what they need you to do so you can show them just how important they are to you. These are a few things you can do to beat out the larger competition.

Also, another way to win the war against larger companies is to find a niche. Certain things, usually smaller items that these large stores pay little attention too, will still leave you as the place to go. This can be bird feeders, old-fashioned soda, and much more. This is something that the larger stores do not pay attention to. Find out what keeps your customers coming in that no other place sells.

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