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Tri-Supply Email Marketing Campaign Leads to Over 22,000 Masks Sold


Tri-Supply Email Marketing Campaign Leads to Over 22,000 Masks Sold

Tri-Supply has worked with New Media Retailer for the past few years to manage their website and email marketing campaigns. Leah, Online Sales Manager at Tri-Supply, works with Gretchen, Marketing Specialist at New Media Retailer. Together, they’ve built a great relationship and one that Leah can truly count on. “It’s so nice to be able to count on Gretchen like we do, so that we can focus on other areas of our business too,” says Leah.

Tri-Supply has been working with New Media Retailer on their email marketing campaigns for about a year. It’s always been important for Tri-Supply to connect with their customers regularly, but even more so due to COVID-19. According to Leah, she was able to effectively communicate COVID-19 updates with her customers using tips on the topic sent by New Media Retailer. “We’ve been able to let our customers know that we’re open, our business hours, cleaning practices and new guidelines as they’ve been instituted through blog posts and email marketing campaigns.”

In April, Delaware began a requirement that face masks be worn when social distancing would be difficult. This meant many of state residents now needed masks – fast. Tri-Supply was fortunate enough to get their hands on a large shipment of masks and knew they needed to act fast to get the word out. Leah knew having access to masks would be beneficial for members of the community, as getting access to masks has been troublesome for many. Leah reached out to Gretchen at New Media Retailer on Tuesday morning to get an email marketing campaign out as soon as possible.

Gretchen worked quickly and built an email marketing campaign for Tri-Supply. The email included a featured graphic letting customers know about the variety of masks available and the pricing of each. Gretchen also added the products to Tri-Supply’s online product catalog, which makes them visible on the website. By doing this, even customers who were not on the email list were informed about the availability of face masks.

By 12:30pm, the campaign was sent. Phones started ringing off the hook as soon as the email went out. By 2:00pm over 6,000 masks had sold. “I can comfortably say we sold over 22,000 masks just from that one email alone!” said Leah. “We’ve even been contacted by government officials to see what other resources we may have.”

“Gretchen is always extremely responsive, which helps us get the word out even quicker to customers. Everyone at New Media Retailer has been phenomenal, but Gretchen is just such a wonderful person to work with. She always responds so fast. We are so grateful for her!”

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