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UI Fixes and Advertising Done Right: Multiplying Leads for True Value of Litchfield

Litchfield Store Front Photo

UI Fixes and Advertising Done Right: Multiplying Leads for True Value of Litchfield

True Value of Litchfield is both a full-service hardware store and a rental store operating since 1985 in Litchfield, Connecticut. As a hardware store, TV of Litchfield offers a wide range of products. People drop by the store to shop for rental items, electrical and plumbing tools, equipment for paint, pet supplies, and more.

TV of Litchfield is also a preferred choice for DIYers, contractors, and event planners in the region.

After a successful business-run for over thirty years, TV of Litchfield decided to upgrade its website to generate new leads and better serve their existing customers. TV of Litchfield realized that a few UI fixes could help their business in many ways.

Initially, they had a website that was a bit hard to navigate. Also, the team at TV of Litchfield found the platform that their website was on was difficult to use and struggled to find the time to make edits. They started looking for an easier solution and found New Media Retailer.

New Media Retailer has been True Value Rentals’s preferred digital agency for over a decade, managing over 150 rental websites. In September of 2018, TV of Litchfield enlisted New Media Retailer to provide a better user experience to its site visitors – and help them earn more leads.

True Value of Litchfield has a very active social media team that does a good job at promoting the business in the community. But they couldn’t help but think of different ways to attract more clients. After being live with their website for a few months, True Value of Litchfield wanted to see what else NMR could offer. After hearing some options, they decided to also sign up for the Digital Ads program offered by NMR.

With New Media Retailer’s top-notch online advertising, SEO, and web solutions, TV of Litchfield has succeeded in multiplying its share of customers.

With an efficient, user-friendly website and Google Ads, True Value of Litchfield is now driving more traffic to its site and generating more leads than before.

The Requirements:

For True Value of Litchfield, the business had been running successfully for more than three decades. But the success graph could go even higher with some improvements to their online presence. True Value of Litchfield was quick to recognize areas of improvement.

Luckily, True Value of Litchfield also knew where to look for help. New Media Retailer, True Value’s award winning digital agency partner, had already been delivering great results for other True Value rental stores. In 2018, True Value of Litchfield began a working relationship with NMR that proved fruitful in every sense.


·      Website and UI:

First, their existing website was not easy to navigate. Visitors to the site had a hard time navigating the site and finding the information they needed. Simply put, the user interface was not quite user-friendly.

This was also making things difficult for the store managers who had the task of adding new products by themselves.

As Lauren, the store manager, puts it: “Our website was hard to use, not easy to update, and we had a hard time getting info updated. We didn’t have a dedicated account rep that we could call to make updates for us, which meant we were responsible for making the edits, but the platform was difficult to manage.”

·      SEO and Advertising:

Besides fine-tuning the site for any navigation issues and maintaining/updating information on the site, NMR was also responsible for digital marketing.

While the company had an in-store social media team, TV of Litchfield was looking for more exposure online. So, NMR was also given the opportunity to manage their online advertising through Google Ads. New Media Retailer is an expert at digital advertising. In fact, they are a certified Google Partner company.

Solutions That Worked Wonders:

New Media Retailer created excellent solutions for True Value of Litchfield that exceeded expectations.

First, NMR went ahead to tackle the issues that affected the business’s web presence.

True Value of Litchfield offers many key pieces of information on its website. The most important of which is its rental catalog.

In the catalog, visitors can discover products in different categories, know the price range, and also request product availability.

All this information needed to be presented in a way that is easy for visitors to access and navigate.

The previous interface was hard to navigate, making it difficult for visitors to access the catalog with ease. As a result, the traffic to the website was less than what could be achieved.

True Value of Litchfield was missing out on chances to close more sales leads.

NMR built a brand new website for True Value of Litchfield. The new design now works like a charm.

Availability requests are pouring in consistently. Efficiency has improved for both customers and the business.

As per Lauren,

“We get on average about 30 request availability forms from our website per month. This means, customers can visit our website and view our entire rental catalog. They can add multiple items to the request for their event or project before submitting everything to us. This makes it easy and efficient for customers to use – but also efficient for us to start the sales process with all of the information we need!”

While fixing the UI-related issues, NMR also focused on SEO, as this is another crucial factor in boosting online sales.

NMR is also responsible for maintaining the rental catalog. Initially, the catalog was maintained by the store managers. They were regularly facing difficulties in trying to update the info, add/remove products, and handle customer requests. The system was already hard to understand (before the UI fixes).

NMR made things easier by managing the entirety of the website for them. Their Marketing Specialist, Bri, works with TV of Litchfield to add rental products that they carry in their store. Bri finds the images, product descriptions, YouTube videos that relate to the product and more, and adds all of the content to the site for them. This takes a lot of work off of Lauren and the TV of Litchfield team’s plate because it frees up time for them to focus on what they do best, running their business.

And TV of Litchfield can’t help but sing praises of New Media Retailer. A store manager has expressed their joy in the following words:

 “Updates get done in a timely manner. We are able to propose new ideas to the site to keep it fresh and new. Briana is incredibly helpful and makes the whole process easy, she is great with suggestions. Overall the process is much less stressful. I feel as if we can constantly update the site effortlessly!”

Things were going great for True Value of Litchfield. With around 30 new requests received via the website every month, NMR’s SEO techniques were sure working their magic.

TV of Litchfield was more than satisfied – and now wanted to reach new milestones with New Media Retailer.

On the Road to A Conversion Boom:

After getting more than satisfactory results in web and SEO, True Value of Litchfield became interested in New Media Retailer’s digital ad services.

And that’s how it all began. “Once we began working with NMR, we wanted to explore what other add-ons they had available. We knew we wanted to reach even more customers, but weren’t exactly sure what that would look like. We reached out to NMR to see what they thought, and we started having conversations about Google Ads.” – Lauren, store manager

Online advertising, if done right, can add tremendous value to the business. When done wrong, it results in nothing but waste of money. After the initial success, TV of Litchfield knew NMR could be trusted with more. So, they went ahead and signed up for NMR’s Google Ads program as well.

In terms of sales, this was the beginning of a new high for True Value of Litchfield.

Statistics That Speak Volumes:

“Our conversions increased 138% in just one month thanks to their hard work!” – Lauren

Within one month of signing up for Google Ads, TV of Litchfield saw an increase of 138% in the number of product availability requests.

“We have been live with Google Ads campaigns for 3 months now. We get an average of 25 conversions per month through Google Ads!” – Lauren

With Google Ads in effect, True Value of Litchfield is now able to close around 25 more leads every month. This has just about doubled the total number of leads that they were already getting from the website with organic SEO efforts.


True Value of Litchfield is overjoyed with the results of Google Ads and highly recommends NMR to other businesses.

“NMR has made digital ads so easy. We had no idea how to even get started before them! Highly recommend for any business wanting to advertise online to attract new customers.” – Lauren, TV of Litchfield

TV of Litchfield has nothing but applause for New Media Retailer. Lauren remarks, “Working with NMR has been incredibly easy! They are always available and attentive.” 

She further added, “It’s great to use one company for multiple services. NMR understands our business, so it makes sense for us to use them for our website and digital ads.”

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